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Extortion: Black Supremacists Al Sharpton and Earl Graves Jr. Seek to Shake Down Apple for More, More, More!

Bloody Al Sharpton, circa September 10, 2013
Two generations of racist black parasites: Earl Graves Jr., l, and Sr., in an undated picture



Published on Sep 10, 2013
REV. Al SHARPTON (10 September 2013): There are no blacks on 30% of Fortune 500 Board of Directors. Apple, where we spend a lot of money on Apple, they have a new I-phone coming out today. No blacks in Board of Apple. We buying up all this Apple stuff and can't get a bite.


REV. AL SHARPTON (38:50) Ah now today the I-Phone comes out ah that is of course produced by Apple and Apple is one of those companies I mean we do a tremendous amount of business in our community with Apple, yet were not on their Boards and there is no evidence they d a lot of advertising or a lot of contracting in our community, is that correct?

EARL GRAVES JR: That's correct and I think you know it's one thing to have the measurement being the people who are on the Board, but once a person's on the Board then it's really measuring four different things. And the key is what is the percentage of money that they spend in procurement that they're spending with minority owned businesses, or African American firms? The second it what percentage of senior managers or direct reports are people of color? The third is what percentage of money that you spend are you spending with or directed to African American media. Of course the last is the Board of Directors. The part that is so shocking is that Apple, which is probably the best know of the companies basically strikes out against all four.


EARL GRAVES JR: They have no African American Directors in the company. They do little to no spending in African American media. They do little to no spending with in procurement with African American firms. And as you, as I quote you all the time, the corporate board not corporate board, but the ah corporation in the executive rank looks like the Himalayas.


EARL GRAVES JR: because the higher you go the whiter it gets.

By Nicholas Stix

A tip ‘o the hate to Countenance Blogmeister, The Gateway Pundit, and radioequalizer.

In the following conversation between Sharpton, the man behind the success of the 1987-88 Tawana Brawley Hoax and the Harlem Massacre, the December 8, 1995 mass murder at Freddie’s Fashion Mart, talks with Earl Graves, a black publisher whose entire financial life is based, like Sharpton, on racial extortion, about how to extort money out of Apple.

Graves publishes Black Enterprise, a magazine whose existence is based solely on his ability to extort money out of white firms. A white publisher whose business relied on racist extortion would be in prison.

Actually, according to the accompanying picture, Sharpton was talking to Earl Graves Jr., who is a second-generation racist extortionist and parasite. His father, Earl Sr., is the family’s founding racist extortionist-parasite.

Earl Graves Jr. is co-founder, with his brother Michael, of the Graves Advisory Group, an even more ambitious racist extortion operation.

Graves Jr. listed four areas in which, as far as he is concerned, Apple has so far not paid sufficient extortion:

• Apple has no black directors, contends Graves;
• Wastes no money on black media like …
• Wastes no money on procurement with black firms which, like black media, are shakedown operations providing no useful goods or services; and
• “The corporate and executive [redundant] ranks look like the Himalayas, because the higher you go, the whiter it gets.

Outside of his black Bizarro World, Graves’ complaints are all actually praise of Apple. It means that Apple wastes relatively little money paying extortion to racist parasites like him.

As for the racial fairy tale, whereby blacks are big Apple customers, they are much better known for robbing whites and Asians of their Apple products, than they are for buying their own.

At The Gateway Pundit, one reader observes,

• Aggie95
•18 hours ago•16

They buy a lot of Apple products or they steal a lot of Apple products... i.e. Apple picking .... we have had a rash of them and all of the suspects have been sons of obama. I have noticed we are supposed to ignore skin color when we speak of things like crime .... unwed birth rates ....murder but not when it comes to jobs ....testing ....housing .... gov grants ..... gov contracts ...odd

Some readers may recall the name Earl Graves Jr. from a shakedown of his years ago of the Metro-North Railroad. White policemen were searching for a black suspect, and pulled him off a train for questioning. Graves was outraged that the police hadn’t pulled a white or Asian man off the train, and demanded and got a public apology from them, and a promise to abuse white officers with even more pro-black criminal sensitivity training. The cops detain innocent white men all the time, but never publicly apologize to them.

The funniest thing about this story is that Sharpton and Graves got me defending Apple, a firm I hate, due to its outsourcing of its manufacturing!

Railroad apology to black mag exec
By Chrisena Coleman
May 9, 1995
New York Daily News

[N.S.: Chrisena Coleman was a longtime racist black AA hire at the News.]

Metro-North is taking out a series of newspaper ads to apologize to a Black Enterprise Magazine executive who was frisked last week by railroad cops even though he didn't match the description of the man they were searching for. Earl Graves Jr., who is black, was stopped at Grand Central Terminal by two white Metro-North officers as he stepped off his regular morning train from Westchester County on May 1. He was detained for about 90 seconds while the cops patted him down and checked under his coat for a gun. They were investigating an anonymous report of a black man carrying a concealed weapon. When they found Graves had no weapon, they let him go. "I was humiliated and embarrassed," said Graves. "And now I'm angry because the incident is part of an overriding problem in the city between white officers and African-American males.

" Graves said he didn't fit the description of the man the police were looking for. The man was described as 5-feet-10 with a mustache. "I'm 6-foot-4 and clean-shaven," said the [AA] Harvard grad. "These white police officers only see black. They acted hastily and presumed I was guilty because of the color of my skin.

" No arrests have been made in the case. Graves, 33, is a senior vice president of advertising and marketing [racial extortion] for Black Enterprise Magazine in Manhattan. His father, Earl Graves Sr., is the publisher. Though Metro-North's police chief yesterday called the incident an "honest mistake," railroad officials have agreed to apologize publicly to Graves in an ad in tomorrow's New York Times and Gannett Westchester newspaper, railroad President Donald Nelson said yesterday. The ad also will appear in The Patent Trader, which covers Chappaqua, the suburb where Graves lives, and The Scarsdale Inquirer, a weekly newspaper in the town where Graves was reared. After meeting with Graves and magazine representatives, railroad officials agreed the advertisements "would do more to educate police and the public than any legal action," said Donna Evans, spokeswoman for the commuter railroad. Metro-North officials also said they would increase the number of classes on racial sensitivity offered to railroad police. At a news conference yesterday afternoon, Metro-North Police Chief Dean Esserman said the cops did not act in a "meanspirited or malicious" manner. "It was an honest mistake," Esserman said. "The situation was handled poorly, but I probably would have acted the same way.

" Esserman said the incident is still under investigation but added that he doubted either of the veteran officers, whose names were withheld, would face disciplinary action. "They were doing their job," Esserman said.

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