Thursday, May 09, 2013

Michelle Knight Had Had a Troubled Life Before the Hell of Kidnapping, Rape, Sex Slavery, and the Serial Murder of Her Babies


Above and below, two different pre-abduction photographs of Michelle Knight

New mug shot of Ariel Castro

By Nicholas Stix

According to a story by reporter Jen Strathman, of ABC’s Cleveland affiliate, Newsnet5, Michelle Knight had had a child, who was taken away from her by child welfare authorities and adopted.

Knight was 4’7” and weighed 160 pounds at the time of her abduction. She suffers from a mental disability, whereby she becomes dazed and lost. She had black hair and blue eyes, and wore eyeglasses at the time.

On Tuesday, Jen Strathman interviewed Knight’s grandmother, who said,

She just left [home] at one point to where she had lost her son through welfare and they turned around and I guess adopted him out, and I guess she left because of that maybe she felt that she didn’t have no place to go or nothing to do with anybody else, because of losing her son.
Knight reportedly has a teenaged son named Joseph.

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