Friday, May 24, 2013

Dallas: Kendrick Mathis, 18, Charged with Committing Two Carjacking-Related Murders in Less Than 24 Hours

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Posted by Nicholas Stix

[A tip ‘o the hate to reader-researcher RC, who sent me this story.]

Dallas police arrest 2 accused of killing man who wouldn't give them a ride
By Marjorie Owens
May 24, 2013, 4:58 P.M.

DALLAS - Two Dallas men were arrested and charged in the shooting death of a man who refused to give them a ride early Sunday morning, read a statement released Friday morning by the Dallas Police Department.

Kendrick Mathis, 18, and Kevon Brown, 19, were charged with capital murder. Mathis was also charged in a similar shooting that left a 7-Eleven clerk dead less than 24 hours after the first deadly incident.

According to the statement, witnesses said they saw the two men, along with two others, approach David Houston, 18, as he parked his car to drop off a friend early Sunday morning at the Estell Village Apartments in the 5900 block of Highland Hill Dr. The witnesses told police the men surrounded Houston's vehicle and shots were fired after Houston refused to drive the men to the Ledbetter Station.

Fatally wounded, Houston drove from the scene and crashed into a nearby residence.

According to police, Mathis confessed to also being involved in another deadly shooting that took place later that evening. In that incident, Mathis, along with two other men and a teen, approached 7-Eleven clerk Isaac Bugyendu as he was leaving work and asked for a ride.

Police said Mathis told them Devontae Webb, 17, fatally shot Bugyendu as they exited the car after the clerk drove them to Montana Avenue. However, two of the other men involved in the crime, 21-year-old Actavione Buckley and 18-year-old Deon White, told police Mathis shot the clerk after he refused to cooperate during and [sic] attempted robbery, police said.

All four men were charged with capital murder.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if their defense attorneys will argue that Buckley and White aren't guilty under the Criminal Responsibility law.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

David Houston Jr - black
Isaac Bugyendu - black

Anonymous said...

The paper and people got it all wrong Dean white is the killer or both men the other boys are afraid to tell cause of what Deion White may have done to their family's White have a history in that area of doing those things and making people not tell but threatening them when he is on drugs and swinging a gun in they faces in the neighborhood and Deon was bragging about he himself not the others that had shot and killed the men while telling people he himself did it.. and then to get caught and blame the others so not right he have done so many crimes in the hood over there and got away with ot cause people scared to talk

Anonymous said...

Deon White is guilty and he knows it he may have gotton away with the other murders he don't due ti people being scared but his time has come and he still trying to rake people down with him that arw innocent and people in jail now doing time for a previoua murder that he commited and got away with it cause they didn't have money to afford lawyers and afeaid of what he would do to them the guys that's in jail now with him he even pulled a gun on them before all this happend just ask ......

Anonymous said...

Mathis is innocent Wedd is innocent and Buckley is lieing siding with White cause they are cousin and Webb and Mathis are just fearing for there family like cause remember White trying to plea bargain saying that another murder that he himself was in volved in as not the killer bit say he was there and then brought in another person name Bonton well real name Kevon Brown did it come on now he which is white is blaming everybody to free himself from what he did and buckley lieing to cause they family and they family talking telling them ti blame evervody except each other in highland hills the streets are talking and the police not listening

Anonymous said...

Should have thought about that before acting like an ignorant jungle bunny