Friday, December 01, 2017

Why We Need More, More, More Gun Control!

By Nicholas Stix

I ran into an old friend on Tuesday.

“Bob” is an 83-year-old retired copper (30 years), Marine Corps Korean War combat vet, and Jew, in no particular order. Oh, and he’s at most 5’6,” though he was 5’8 ½” and a solid 225 in his prime. Built like a fireplug.

He tells me of a few days earlier going to Lowe’s near Brooklyn’s King’s Plaza with his wife and grown (youngest) daughter. (He’s a Frank Sinatra type, with many wives, many grown daughters, many ex-mistresses, and a number of grands. He insists that he has no “outside” children or grands.)

He pulls into a tight parking spot, and can’t open his door without barely touching the car to his left.

Said car’s driver had just parked, and is watching Bob from nearby. He’s a beefy black guy of about 25, and when he sees Bob touch his car, he immediately starts cursing him out, telling him he’s going to “F—k you up!,” etc.

Bob apologizes for touching (not grazing) the guy’s car door, but as is always the case with black mopes like him, he sees courtesy as a sign of weakness.

Mr. Black Outrage demands that Bob get out of his car for his beating. Bob says he’s coming.

As Bob tells me, “I’m 83. This guy could kill me.”

Bob is not speaking metaphorically. If he were 20 or 30 years younger, he would have beaten the hell out of the guy, but he now recognizes some of his limitations.

What BO doesn’t know is that Bob is sitting with his gun concealed in his hands in his lap. (He always drives around strapped.)

Bob gets out, and in no time flat puts the gun against BO’s head, takes him down, and has him ready to pee his pants, and commit any unnatural act Bob might demand of him.

Bob sends BO on his way, makes sure he’s driven away, and waits a few minutes, in case BO called the cops on him. (As I’ve experienced first-hand, black New York perps have been known to call the police on their white vics.)

A black West Indian security guard who works for the security company that subcontracts to protect the area drives by in a scooter. He asks Bob, “Why you didn’t shoot his ass?”

What does this little incident have to do with gun control laws? If Bob had been disarmed by the sort of “common sense gun control laws” the Left is always demanding, I wouldn’t have heard his story, because he’d be dead.

There are two motivations behind gun control laws:

1. To aid and abet violent colored felons, and bring about the murders of whites who are insufficiently well-to-do, or well-connected to be given exceptions to gun control laws, or who are unable to hire their own assassins (Mike Bloomberg, Rudy Giuliani, Rosie O’Donnell, Barack Obama, Andrew Cuomo, et al.); and
2. To permit rich phonies to score virtue points with their phony rich, well-connected friends, all of whom also have guns and/or gunsels.

There are no facts or arguments that support gun-grabber laws, which is why gun-grabbers always lie.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
While I appreciate Foxnews more conservative bent, it doesn't mean Fox still doesn't play the liberal game at times. I've noticed every time a black or other non white serial killer is in the news (nearly every one nowadays) the media dredges up some story of a decades old white serial killer to put on the front pages, which is designed, of course, to obscure the reality of black serial killers and reinforce the falsehood of the "lone white male". Fox is not immune to doing this. Right on the heels of the black Tampa Bay serial killer they post this story:
OK, they haven't actually caught the Zodiac killer but he has been profiled to be white (as they all are) and there are several composite drawings showing a white man in the headline.
Why doesn't the media just wait until the dna tests are complete and see what comes up? They couldn't do that though, they just had (yet another) black serial killer and time's a-wastin': "Get a white face in the news - NOW"!

LBD said...

One of my pet peeves is the misuse of the word “gunsel”. Gunsel, or gonsel, is a Yiddish word which means a “receptive” homosexual—in other words, a pillow biter rather than a shirt-lifter. Nothing to do with guns. The word is used in The Maltese Falcon correctly to refer to the character played by Peter Lorre. Because of the Hollywood code of the time, his homosexuality was much less explicit in the film than in the book. The author, Dashiell Hammett, was quite contemptuous of gays.

Anonymous said...

He is in Brooklyn and has a gun permit?
How did that happen?
I thought you had to be Trump levels of rich and famous to get a NYC gun permit.
John Stossel couldn't get one.