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Posted by Nicholas Stix

I just received the following press release from Maria Espinoza, in response to the travesty of justice that a San Francisco jury committed on behalf of the illegal alien murderer I have dubbed Many Names, and against Kate Steinle and her family.

Maria is a wonderful lady, whom I have met numerous times, and she leads a grand organization.



July 1, 2015 will forever be etched as the saddest day in the lives of the Steinle family, as their much loved daughter, Kate, died in the arms of her father on San Francisco’s Pier 14, her life forever stolen by a 7-time illegal alien felon and 5-time deportee, who should never have been in our country.

This verdict provides the Steinle family with no measure of justice for this senseless killing, and for whom San Francisco’s Sanctuary City mayor and council refuse to have any real compassion. Sadly, all Stolen Lives Families have experienced similar anguish and inconsolable loss, all reaching the horrifying reality of the direct role played by the failure of our federal government to enforce the border, and now sanctuary cities have become fully culpable in these killings.

Unfortunately, this trial took place inside the sanctuary city of San Francisco, and whose outcome was determined by a jury from the very same populace who voted into office persons who value the lives of illegal aliens over the lives of Americans. The memory of Kate, her family and all of Americans deserve better.

Earlier this month, at the National Remembrance Conference in Washington, DC, all attending Stolen Lives Families expressed their universal support President Donald Trump in his efforts to keep his promise to our families to secure the border and enforce our interior laws. Many of these families previously stood on stage with Trump wearing The Remembrance Project Stolen Lives shirts and courageously told their stories.

This unfair verdict will not end today. We continue to pray for the Steinles, and for all American families, and will continue our efforts at The Remembrance Project to help bring an end to these senseless killings.

Maria Espinoza
National Director and Co-Founder
The Remembrance Project

Paid for by The Remembrance Project

P.O. Box 15448
Washington, DC 20003


Anonymous said...

Organize a boycott of San Fran Freako and make it work. Hurt them bad. Hit them in the pocketbook whee it hurts. Like Al Sharpton said.

Anonymous said...

I read in another site that someone suggested we should all replace the word 'Sanctuary' with 'Accomplice' when talking about these cities. This is a great idea. Aside from the fact that it's true- they are assisting with commission of a crime (not to mention all the downstream crimes that arise from that crime, as Kate's death so clearly demonstrates), but it turns their little leftwing mindgame back upon itself- instead of the fantasy of a noble beacon of safety (I'm sure that's why Democrats and Establishment Republicans are so keen on these people), it reminds everyone of exactly what they're up to in clear language. Liberals love these little Orwellian word games, we should be giving 'em back linguistic truth as good as they give.