Tuesday, December 05, 2017

NFL Owners Give a Big FU to Their Fans, and Agree to Surrender to Black Supremacist Players, and Give Them and Communists (George Soros, Van Jones, et al.) $89 Million in Blackmail, in Exchange for … Nothing!

By Nicholas Stix

At the Washington Times.

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Anonymous said...

Math lesson:
Insanity(Owners listening to the blacks)×Insanity (This payoff)=
Insanity squared.
How did the owners have the brains to make enough money to be able to buy an NFL franchise when they piss it away so easily and ineffectively.
Cut down the prison population in half?The owners already are doing their part by keeping these current thugs out of prison--where they would definitely be--if not for getting paid millions,to run around a 100 yard football field.I guarantee 99% of them would be locked up--along with their relatives and hanger ons(posses).
This deal will not get publicized and for good reason:Regular white football fans would give it a thumbs down and file it away as added evidence--the NFL (Negro Football League)is not worth being interested in anymore--except for gambling purposes.
--GR Anonymous.