Thursday, December 07, 2017

Lots of Broken Eggs, but No Omelets

By Nicholas Stix

The Countenance Blogmeister is not feeling well—i.e., he’s feeling worse than usual—and so he devised the solution to his content production problem of demanding that his legions of loyal readers fill the gap, with lots of comments.

CB: “I really do have a lot of nerve, don’t I?”

You sure do!

I can’t keep up!

When did this all began? It surely wasn’t with the Acess Hollywood tape on October 5 (?) 2016.

In the largest sense, it goes back to Betty Friedan’s 1963 publication of The Feminine Mystique. Friedan was a Stalinist propagandist whom (according to Daniel Horowitz) the CPUSA refused entry, so she founded her own CPUSA spin-off.

In any event, there is clearly a Feminazi putsch underway. They are even telling white men Communists like Al Franken that their destruction is for the good of The Party, in order to make it easier to call for the resignations/impeachments of Roy Moore and Donald Trump.

And this does what for the disenfranchised, disgraced, male Reds?

Reds like to say, “You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet,” but they’ve never been interested in making omelets—they just love “breaking eggs”!

I saw a couple of Feminazis on MSNBC tonight, on Chris Matthews’ show, Hardball. Susan Page of USA Today, and NY Cong. Kathleen Rice, both explicitly said this (about the need to rid the DPUSA of Franken, et al., in order to get rid of Moore and Trump) at the same time they emphasized that this made the DPUSA morally superior to the GOP. Rice had the gall to call the GOP “cynical”!

At the end of the 5 P.M. hour, a white feminazi I was unfamiliar with, a “Nina” or “Adina” or “Adenoidal” (about 40, attractive, apparently tallish, with long dark hair, not to be confused with indistinguishable Feminazi USA Today fake news reporter Heidi Przybyla, who used the Moore conspiracy as her coming out party) called for instituting an “HR” department in Congress. Of course, nobody countered her by mentioning that it would be unconstitutional to have an office (staffed with Feminazis, natch) that could nullify democratic elections….

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