Saturday, December 02, 2017

Father of Boy Killed by Illegal Immigrant: Steinle Jury Full of “Left-Wing Nutjobs”



By Reader-Researcher RC

The father of a young man killed by an illegal immigrant said the jury that acquitted Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was full of "left-wing nutjobs."



Wildcat84 said...

Left wing nut jobs need to be locked up.

Anonymous said...
Here's a left-wing nut job who,ten years ago,didn't like gays.That's a no no for libs,isn't it?She'll have to resign,lol.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Absolutely 100 %. Illegals killing American citizens a quite more common thing that would be supposed. Most from drunk driving but also gang bang and just plain ordinary criminality. Much more pervasive that thought. Exact or even ball park figures hard to come by.

Anonymous said...

His son was murdered in cold blood, not "killed."

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
What happens when a white player makes a "dirty" hit on another player? Simple: He apologizes! What happens when a black player makes a dirty hit. Even simpler: The media covers up for him!
As I read this article I had the Eagles game on and their white QB, Carson Wentz, took a cheap shot from a black player to the head as he was sliding. Fortunately he was not hurt but there was a flag. I don't think there's going to be an apology.
I don't recall Jae Crowder apologizing for viciously undercutting Gordon Hayward from behind as he was at the apex of a leap for a lob, causing a career threatening injury.
I guess this is the message from the media, white players are expected to be contrite and apologetic for anything defined as "dirty tactics" while black player are just doing there thing, you know, dealing with the trauma of "400 yrs. oppression" by trying to hurt whitey every chance they get.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I could barely wrap my mind around this one but it appears to be true:
Yes, Germany is bribing rejected asylum seekers to go home with a one time payment of 3,000 Euros (3,527 US). That's like a fortune to 3rd worlders. If they weren't motivated to get to Germany before, now they're going to be rabid. Damn, all you have to do is get there, get rejected, then get paid off.
How about just loading them up in trucks, boats whatever and dumping them back wherever they came from. All those fraudulent males at least. Too simple I guess and impractical because there are too many Western bleeding hearts protecting them, no matter how many rapes or other crimes they commit.

Anonymous said...

He's right, of course. Its pretty clear that basic rule of law is broken in the US and has been for some time. The more liberals and Establishment Republicans are given the reins, the worse it's going to become.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Fathers and leftwing nut jobs, you can clearly see how far down the rabbit hole we've gone when a head of the Church of England tells his flock to pray that a four year old Prince George will turn out to be gay.