Friday, January 06, 2017

Third Suspect Arrested in 2014 Papa John’s Murder Racist Hate Crime


War crime victim Gordon Schaffer, 22
By David in TN

So now there's a THIRD suspect arrested. Details sure come in slow on these crimes, don't they?

The trial dates are still up in the air. I'll go by the courthouse in a few days and see if there is an update.

At the Columbia Daily Herald.

N.S.: David sent in this story on December 19; I apologize for forgetting to publish it sooner. He has been covering this atrocity since 2014, including repeated visits to the courthouse, to get information.

Suspected war criminal Rodney Harvell

Suspected war criminal Darious Fitzpatrick, though only 17, is already a violent career criminal with several felony convictions as a juvenile; his example is spurring calls for juvenile justice reform in Tennessee

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