Monday, January 30, 2017

First Judicial Nominee for Impeachment: Judge Ann Donnelly By Nicholas Stix



Judge Ann Donnelly

By Nicholas Stix


Anonymous said...

I would say we have a lawless judge. An outlaw perching on the bench. Not anything unusual since the outlaw regime of the usurper Barry Soetero.

Anonymous said...

It's not helped by Lesta Holt,who believe it or not,is anchoring the "Negro Nightly News" tonight,from the STATUE OF LIBERTY.No political statement there.Not subtle either.I laughed out loud when I saw him and Lady Liberty in the background.The MSM is very mentally ill--as a group.Who made the decision to put Holt in tonights location--and why?It'd be a helluva story.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

If you turn on your car radio,and by chance,you hear "Raindrops Keep Fallin'in My Head","Bridge over Troubled Waters","Let it Be","Cracklin'Rosie","Close to You",over and over again on a station that plays current top 40 songs,there might be a reason.
We're back in 1970.
Protests,a totally divided nation,a president that's unpopular with a large swath of liberal voters--no,not Trump--NIXON!!!
All that's missing is a gigantic war.
The similarities are striking.Unrest in the nig cities,a Republican taking over from a pro-black Dem POTUS.
Of course,the politics led us to 1973's Watergate fiasco and the Nixon resignation.
I have hopes that Trump,with a much better sense of humor than Nixon,can avoid the paranoia of seriousness that Nixon had.Trump has already cracked great jokes about Schumer's tears and being "germophobic",regarding the phony Buzzfeed/CNN crap,--or one more joke than Nixon told in 6 years ("Sock it to ME?"on Laugh-in).
But except for ACTUALLY turning on the radio and hearing mostly uninspiring music nowadays(and too many blacks on TV),it sure feels like 1970 all over again.We'll see if it continues.Groovy.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

This is the face of the enemy. This is a woman who hates her own.