Saturday, January 07, 2017

The Racist Monster and Walking, Talking, Human Race Hoax that is Shaun King, in His Own Words

By Nicholas Stix
Last revised on Saturday, January 7, 2017, at 11:42 p.m.

Well, racist terrorist Shaun King got the first twit below, from Philip Schuyler, sent down the memory hole, so I had to hunt for photo images to replace it. Assuming they load properly, the first one after the deleted twit, is the King twit that King got deleted. The next one is an extra from him.

Note that after Shaun King was exposed as white, and having passed himself off as black for several years, as one of the heads of the black supremacist, terrorist gang, Black Lives Matter, the New York Daily News rewarded him with a full-time writing job.

Back when I wrote for it as a freelancer in the late 1990s, the Daily News was a centrist, Democrat newspaper. To turn a variation on CNN/DPUSA hoaxer, Brian Stelter, the News has since moved so far left, as to practically fall off the map.


Anonymous said...

SOMEONE was stupid--either parents or guardian--for letting the guy go off with ghetto garbage.If there was an assumption,that the white kid could think for himself,this does not give strong evidence to that assumption.So I'll blame his adult supervision.
My rule of life--if you are white--is to stay away from blacks.They will use,steal from,assault or kill you,without a thought.
Now add torture.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Just to add to that.The report I heard was that the special needs kid was "hanging out" with the 4 scumthugs voluntarily.He was allowed,by incompetent/indifferent parenting to be in the blackthugs company.He can't think for himself,so charges should also be filed against the parents--and they BETTER NOT say "We're not racist,we allow him to be friends with all races."
A reminder to all of the consequences of that.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Web page has already been removed.

jeigheff said...

I don't know much about Shaun King. But I know that if I shared this story with others, some of them would be incredulous. They would have a hard time believing that anyone could be so warped and wicked. They'd question the veracity of the report itself. Last of all, they'd probably wonder why I was even spending time reading about such repulsive topics.

My brother thinks like this too, but is more aggressive in his thinking. Years ago, I once tried to talk with him about how the Duke Lacrosse Team rape scandal and the Knoxville Horror incident were reported. He was quick to tell me that he didn't want any news from "those blog sites."

I believe these attitudes have much to do with why the so-called fake news controversy exists. Many people don't want to hear about repulsive topics, plus they still want to trust the news they get from old familiar sources. And this complacent attitude is being exploited.

It's too bad that more people won't be hearing about what Shaun King has to say. His comments could make a lot of whites wonder why they've been taught to hate themselves.

Anonymous said...

Shaun King not just like the debbil. He be'ez da' debbil.

Anonymous said...

Around blacks, never relax.

Rosa Parks said...

An sheeit! Word