Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How Many People are being Murdered in Chicago, While Obama Delivers His Triumphal Farewell Address There?

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

Obama giving his farewell speech tonight, from... Chicago-an odd place to go, considering the utter failure of his policies on black crime there.

That he can show his face in Chi-town, while spewing triumphant oratorical tones, indicates a true ignorance of what is happening in Chicago, and around the country. In fact, it's almost
psychotically delusional to come back to the Windy City as a self-proclaimed success.

Besides that, there were plenty of other cities that have thrived under the Obama presidency, that he could have visited for the big finale.

I would have suggested that Ferguson, Baltimore, Oakland, Portland, Orlando, to name a few, would have been just as appropriate choices, to name a few.

But Chicago won out. Now the question: How many people get murdered while Obama makes his self-congratulatory speech? Over/Under is 3.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 5:49:00 P.M. EST


Chicago guy said...

Reality isn't a consideration. His high blown rhetoric doesn't match what the facts are but then they're all inhabitants of a bubble insulated from the outside. He just about doubled the debt the last president left us, to be kicked down the road for someone else to try to deal with. He managed to do very little that could be considered positive.

Anonymous said...

Looking at Chicago from downtown everything seems quite nice. 111th and Michigan where the President used to organize it is not so good.