Monday, January 09, 2017

Another Happy Ending in Texas! Robber Found Dead After Victim Fired Shots, Police Say

By A Texas Reader

Jeb!'s folks.


Postscript, Tuesday, 12:00 midnight, N.S.: In New York, the MSM would have reversed the "victim" and "perp," respectively.


Anonymous said...

Obama giving his farewell speech tonight,from...Chicago-an odd place to go,considering the utter failure of his policies on black crime there.
That he can show his face in Chi-town,while spewing triumphant oratorical tones,indicates a true ignorance of what is happening in Chicago and around the country.In fact,it's almost
psychotically delusional to come back to the Windy City as a self proclaimed success.
Besides that,there were plenty of other cities that have thrived under the Obama presidency,that could have been visited for the big finale.
I would have suggested that Ferguson,Missouri,Baltimore,Oakland,Portland,Orlando,would have been just as appropriate choices,to name a few.
But Chicago won out.Now the question:How many people get murdered while Obama makes his self-congratulatory speech?Over/Under is 3.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

While sipping coffee...watched Donald Trump exceed my expectations during his press conference.When he told CNN to be quiet,I applauded.He controlled those maniacs and said what he wanted,the way he wanted.Bravo.
I then watched the black bitchers testify against Jeff Sessions.Top of the list was Cedric Richmond,a rep and also Rep John Lewis,"a legend",according to Richmond.Richmond complained that he and Lewis were forced to testify "at the end of the hearings,which is like sitting at the back of the bus."
Totally ignored by Richmond were the other blacks--testifying IN FAVOR of Sessions.They spoke at the same time as the whining blacks like Lewis and Richmond,but only Richmond complained about some kind of racial slap in the face.
They are frauds and hide behind phony discrimination.They protect the black thugs who commit crimes and the black slugs who live off the welfare rolls.
Finally,no capture yet of Markeith Loyd.Last word was police will be arresting blacks who helped Loyd escape.Police are now looking outside Florida.
--GR Anonymous