Sunday, May 10, 2015

This is Why Germans Risked Death Crossing the Frozen North Sea, to Surrender to the Americans, Rather than the Russians (Poster)

By Nicholas Stix

During my university days in Tübingen, a beautiful blonde lady of a certain age, who had a job giving information at the university library, told me of her family fleeing Prussia in the winter of 1945, and why.


Anonymous said...

That is the Baltic and not the North Sea. Operation Hannibal. Naval evacuation of military and civilians to escape the Soviets. 1 million persons in a short period taken to safety. Many others perishing.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the torpedoing and sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff by a Russian submarine. Loaded with over 10,000 evacuees. Worst single maritime loss of life in history.


Anonymous said...

Wilhelm was only one of several such disaster. MUCH worse than Titanic. But evacuating 1 million under pressure was a major accomplishment.