Sunday, May 10, 2015

Off-Limits: Ingolstadt, Bavarian Club Owner on New “Refugees” He Banned: “The Blacks Have a Problem with Women and the Arabs Have a Problem with Aggression”; “Refugee” Activist: Fight Us and We Will Destroy You; Accommodate Us, and … We Will Destroy You



By Nicholas Stix


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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't exclusively blame the misogynistic Muslim religion and culture for this behavior. That kind of sexual aggression tinged with violent racial overtones is pervasive among black men in America who aren't Muslim. This behavior also occurs in some dark skinned East Asian ethnicities though it's not omnipresent among them the way it is with black men. With black men it seems to transcend cultural conditioning, it's just of built in.

The race of the refugee activist defending racist blacks hassling white women was not mentioned, his name was Hamado Dipama, which sounds like it might be a non European name, regardless of that he was claiming that banning blacks/Muslims was going to attract the "right wing", evoking the image of violent white supremacists and racism in society. He doesn't really explain how this is going to happen.
He illustrates the hypocrisy endemic among his type: If he's so concerned with "bigger" issues why not concern himself with Muslim woman hating that results in honor killings, female infanticide, mass sexual violence and enslavement based on gender? Those issue he can't be bothered to haul his ass up and agitate for, but when racist, sexually violent black men need to be defended he's right there. I'm not sure what race this guy was but even if isn't white he wouldn't be where he was without the support of plenty of sympathetic caucasians. What is it about the West that produces so many of those self hating hypocritical white prigs? Jerry PDX