Friday, November 28, 2014

Pakistani Actress Veena Malik Sentenced to 26 Years in Prison for Blasphemy



By Nicholas Stix

I never heard of her before, but apparently she’s really big in places where thieves get their hands lopped off, widows are burned alive at their husbands’ funerals, and female rape victims are routinely murdered, in order to restore their families’ “honor.”

By the way, this item was listed at India Today as “Bollywood News,” which refers to the Indian movie capital of Bombay. But Bombay’s name has been officially changed to “Mumbai.” So, how can there “Bollywood News,” if there’s no Bombay? I think more people need to be imprisoned and executed over this matter.

At India Today.


Anonymous said...

This woman is a MUSLIM and sentenced to prison for that length of time for blasphemy6.

That Aasia Bibi is a Christian and under a sentence of DEATHJ for the same offense.

Aasia [yes, that is how her first name is spelled] had her last appeal denied. She might well be murdered. I use that word rather than killed because there is a difference in this case.

Anonymous said...

Bombay, Mumbai, Bollywood.

Don't given them any ideas about the name change or they might take you up on it.