Monday, November 24, 2014

Marion Barry, Murderer?


Barry in September, 1970

By Prince George’s County Expat

Did you hear that General Mills named a cereal after Marion?

It was called Cracklin' Barry.

My late [D.C. detective] Uncle Jack got into a street brawl years ago with Barry and his henchmen. Seems Barry was an "activist" at the time, and had an encounter with my uncle and some other cops. Barry pulled a Rodney King, and an altercation ensued. Barry had Operation Pride at the time.

And then there was the murder that my uncle investigated.

Victim was found dead in a rural area of Northern Virginia. Decedent's body was wrapped in window drapes.

My uncle said that he remembered seeing those very drapes hanging over the window.

In Marion Barry's office.

My uncle had been to Barry's office once or twice to speak with Barry about his "activism," and to interview him about various altercations with the D.C. police.

That's why he recognized the drapes.

Found shell casings rolled up into the drapes as well. Allegedly, the casings matched a gun found in Barry's office.

No charges were ever filed.

Barry was a thuggish buffoon and a parasite.

But he always stood up to The Man, so his constituents would vote for him over and over and over again.

Even more interesting, Barry bought a home on Raleigh Street in Southeast Washington.

My father was born and raised in a duplex at 328 Raleigh Street Southeast.

Kinda weird, right?


Anonymous said...

Look at the dude with the cap!

Pride Inc.

807 is a special code?

Anonymous said...

Marion in that image is talking on a bullhorn. Blacks like bullhorns. Gives them the ability to shout other persons down with their inane statements. Lead chants too.