Saturday, November 29, 2014

Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder Calls for Arrest of Michael Brown’s Stepfather, Louis “Burn This Bitch Down!” Head, for Inciting to Riot


"Peter Kinder walks on the floor of the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City in 2010"

Louis Head inciting "demonstrators to riot, screaming, "Burn this bitch down!"

Missouri lt. governor calls for arrest of Michael Brown’s stepfather for inciting to riot
November 28, 2014
BizPac Review

Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham asked Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder, one of the only state Republican lawmakers left, for his response to Michael Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, telling the Ferguson mobs to “burn this bi**h down,” after the grand jury announced no indictment for Darren Wilson Monday.

“When you hear that soundbite from the stepfather of Michael Brown, what’s your reaction?,” Ingraham asked.

“That he should be arrested and charged with inciting to riot,” Kinder said with certainty.

Ingraham described a sign in her house growing up that said “we shoot looters,” and asked why there weren’t mass arrests in Ferguson.

“Nothing quite says civil rights outrage like a fifth of Jack Daniels,” she said of the rioters who looted liquor stores. “That really speaks to the great legacy of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King.”

“Or a new plasma [TV],” Kinder interrupted.

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