Saturday, August 16, 2014

Watch the Surveillance Video of Mike Brown Robbing the Convenience Store and Committing Assault and Battery Against the Clerk!


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Fisk Ellington Rutledge III said...

There's been a lot of complaining about the militarization of police.

The thing to remember is that the root problem with the police is that they are the result of 50 years of Leftist hiring practices, training and doctrine.

Since the Left is clinically insane and profoundly afraid, they enforce a strict policy of One Size Fits All social engineering when it comes to law enforcement.

That means that perfectly decent White people (the vast majority) are treated exactly as if they are Low-IQ Blacks and Hispanics; many, if not most, of whom have the social skills and impulse control of enraged badgers.

If militarized police units existed solely to keep the lid on Black and Hispanic neighborhoods and arrest illegal aliens on sight, and the actual military was deployed to seal the border and forcibly deport wetbacks, then a militarized police would be just fine. They need to be well-equipped to deal with nonWhite savages.

But as the Left always does, it lowers everybody to the lowest common denominator. And since the flood of third-world savages has polluted this country, the lowest common denominator is very, very low indeed.

Anonymous said...

I've been fighting the good fight at the Websleuth's Forum. The women who make up this kind of Forum started out on the side of the perpetrator, but over half now see it for what it was.

The Websleuth's administrator (still) insists Michael Brown is the "victim" and is not to be disparaged. She also "didn't see the clerk being beaten up on the video," just "shoved," she said.

I posted on the thread concerning the Christian-Newsom case something many have said.

The actions of the MSM this week concerning the events in Ferguson, Missouri indicate that if the races had been reversed, the Christian-Newsom case would have been the biggest story in the Western World the last seven years.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

It was stated in the news today that the convenience store where Mr. Brown assaulted the clerk was attacked and vandalized after the release of the video.
We get the message. If you tell the truth about blacks we will get revenge through violence. Jerry