Monday, August 25, 2014

Ferguson Rioters: You Better Rebuild the Businesses We Looted and Burned Down, or “It’s Gonna be Hell to Pay…”

By Nicholas Stix

Gateway Pundit

CBS Evening News

CBS interviewed three young men in Ferguson, Missouri this week. One protester [read: Rioter] Gunny warned officials:
“To be honest, if they don’t come and restore these neighborhoods for these people, like when you gotta go travel miles to Walmart and to get gas and stuff like that, it should be right here. If they don’t restore this community for people who stay here it’s gonna be hell to pay

A second protester chimed in:
Yeah, that’s why people looting, because they can’t get no jobs.

N.S.: For 50 years, the federal government has subsidized muggers like these guys.

CBS News operative Mark Strassmann is allegedly a reporter, but he doesn’t act like one on the video. He doesn’t challenge a single one of the gang-bangers’ ridiculous statements, e.g., ask them what their tats signify, what gang they are members of, and show some skepticism regarding their claims that they didn’t engage in looting, smashing glass, or arson. One of the gang-bangers calls himself “Luciano,” but Strassman doesn’t ask him who the moniker refers to. It’s Mafioso Lucky Luciano. The other rioters call themselves Gunny and Tre.

Youtube is usually home of the brain-dead commenter, but this time was different.

3 hours ago

If I was a business owner in that town. And my hard earned money and sweat and blood and tears got looted.. destroyed.. and burned.. id damn sure take that insurance money and move elsewhere. Aint a way in hell id rebuild there in that neighborhood with those looting thievin assholes ready to do it again. "HELLLLNAW!"

RedSkin SanDiego
1 hour ago

Gold grill star tattoo on the face, okay I've got a high 6 figure salary jobs just waiting for you. GTFO lol Fucking coons.

Justin PlainName
1 hour ago

Then why did they vote for obama? They don't seem to understand cause and effect. They will just love it when the illegal aliens start taking more of their jobs.

1 hour ago

Can't find a job? Make a job -- they have to start their own businesses and use their talents as a service.. If you take being your own boss serious, you'll be bound to succeed!

Terry Gruber
1 hour ago

If they wanted jobs, they shouldn't have voted for Obama. Black unemployment has risen under him, in spite of claims of economic recovery.

Ravenhawk Remington
1 hour ago

so let me get this straight you rob and burn down the stores in your neighborhood and because you're out of work that's you're justification i guess that's the way black people think and now you want those store owners to re build ? got news for you america does not owe black people a dam thing

2 hours ago

glad i live in a mostly white town.

2 hours ago

Excuses are like assholes, everyone has one.

John Snow
2 hours ago

to bad obama is letting in all those illegals and they will get those jobs that these people are asking for

4 hours ago

The white ones that are out there with you is because they don't have anymore of an education than you do.

4 hours ago

Well, obviously the solution is to let illegals have Amnesty... oh, no, wait.. that's another topic. Oh yeah, and I'm not a Democrat... what was I talking about? This is so confusing.

Susan Wyse
4 hours ago (edited)

Sure, everyone wants co-workers that are angry and make threats when things don't go their way. How many decades are we going to put up with this media fueled race garbage? Who forced you to tattoo your face? Pull your pants up and speak right, thats a start. When they say the dont want handouts... thats EXACTLY what they want. Sounds like classic extortion. You assault police you get shot, I understand the rules... why don't you?

Rodney smith
6 hours ago

Huh ? Are these idiots retarded ? LMAO

Brian Mccarthy
6 hours ago (edited)

These blacks say "they are tired of being looked at as another species, aint even like we human"

And then threaten "if they don't restore this community for people who stay here, there is going to be hell to pay"

After they just looted the stores and BURNT them to the ground, they are going to make threats if "someone" doesn't come rebuild?

Did I just hear that right? Did I really just here this?

They actually have the nerve to say this shit after BURNING DOWN the very stores they demand "someone" rebuild?

Am I hearing this right? Or did I just imagine this? Am I tripping somehow?

7 hours ago

Mandatory Norplant with every EBT card; problem solved. You're welcome.

13 hours ago

YOU broke it. YOU fix it.

Richard Krajewski via Google+
14 hours ago (edited)

The sad part of this is that most of the damage was probably caused by people who don't actually live in Ferguson. Why would a business rebuild there and not just collect the insurance payout and relocate?

14 hours ago

Looks like you guys "kept it real" one time too many. You should've been paying attention in school, worked to better yourselves, and quit "hatin' on Whitey". I wouldn't willingly pay one cent to repair what you so casually destroyed - you made your bed, enjoy it.

Lou Da Jew
1 day ago

ok, so why get a tattoo on your face if you're looking for a job?

1 day ago

This video frustrates me greatly. Look at the young men in this video. Virtually their entire upper bodies have been visibly defaced by gang-affiliated tattoos (e.g. five point stars). One such men has a tattoo on his face, for crying out loud! Each of these men has had brushes with the law and prior records. Now, please tell me, how marketable and employable are these guys? Who would hire them when an abundant supply of white, Asian, and Hispanic men without criminal histories, horrific tattoos, and gang relations is available?

Also, how can the people of this community complain about the lack of Walmarts, Best Buys, and other large retailers when they rob, loot, and burn the few corner stores already in their neighborhoods? Even Michael Brown himself treated the owner of the local convenience store in an abusive manner by his acts of theft and assault against the owner.

Large private enterprises exist to be profitable, not charitable. The executives of Walmart and other big businesses will avoid investing in a neighborhood wherein robberies and assaults regularly occur and the largely non-productive population is inclined to pillage and vandalize. It is simply not good business. The violent acts on display in these Ferguson communities have given weight to this notion. Imagine if a Walmart store were in this neighborhood. It likely would have been heavily looted, if not destroyed, during the riots.

Chantal Staples
1 day ago

Well everyone here seems to have it all figured out. Such keen insights from a 2 min clip. Problem solved

1 day ago

"Give us jobs, or we'll loot your business" does not equate to "a hand up, not a hand out." It equates to extortion. If these people can do all the things the ex-gang member says they can do, then why aren't they doing them? Nothing is stopping them from starting their own handyman businesses, landscaping businesses or or any other business that they have skills in.

THEY need to fix our neighborhoods. THEY need to give us jobs. THEY need to do stuff for US. It's only what THEY need to do for THEM, not what THEY themselves ought to do FOR themselves. That's the very definition of a "hand out."

1 day ago

Not the sharpest tool's in the shed, foresight must not be an African American trait.

Fix up the places we destroyed or we'll loot some more.

46% unemployment too, that's crazy, if I lived there I'd be on the next bus out to find some where there are job's, the devil will find work for idle hands.

1 day ago

"I want to go there and loot too" No surprise there

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Anonymous said...

Insurance companies will invoke the force majeure clause present in all insurance policies. So, those shopkeepers who got torched are hosed.

Time for the white ones to buy a clue: Move to a whitopia, and never look back.