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Another “Family” of Foreign Invader-Grifters Sues the American Taxpayers for Millions

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Thanks to A Texas Reader, who wrote,

Doesn't the scientific method, and thus modern medicine, reflect the "hegemony of the white race"?

So, shouldn't this parasite have been given a potion made of cacao beans, and sent on his way?

He should have received medical care appropriate to what the Aztecs would have provided him.

Note that this “family” has already ripped off the American net taxpayers for hundreds of thousands of dollars. If anyone should be getting sued, it’s this woman.

Family of Immigrant [sic] Detainee Sues President Obama, Government for Wrongful Death
August 29, 2014 6:03 PM
Reporter Amy Johnson

LOS ANGELES ( — A [foreign] local family says it will sue President Barack Obama and several federal agencies because their loved one, an [illegal alien] immigrant being held in various detention centers, died while waiting to get medical treatment.

[Illegal alien] Nancy Luna fought back tears Friday as she discussed her husband’s [?] ordeal. At a news conference Friday, attended by CBS2’s Amy Johnson, Luna said her husband had Type 2 diabetes, and his care was neglected.

[The criminal Nancy Luna spoke entirely in Spanish. After ten years of living here illegally, the woman doesn’t speak a word of English, but she has the welfare mentality down pat! And why is she named “Luna,” if she was married to Aguilar Batista? Were they even married?]

He was held at the Metropolitan Detention Center, among other places.

Last March, Roberto Aguilar Batista, 38, died from complications of diabetes at the Dalby Correctional Facility.

“It’s so tough, because he was so young,” said Batista’s [illegal alien] niece Esmeralda Aguilar. She said her uncle was constantly writing letters.

“He was letting [his wife/CBS] know it was really tough in there. That he didn’t want to be in there,” said Aguilar.

Batista lived in the LA area for 10 years with his [illegal alien] wife and two [illegal] daughters.

He was arrested in June 2013 on suspicion of entering the country illegally.

[The accompanying video doesn’t say “on suspicion,” but simply that he was arrested for “entering the country illegally.” Adding “on suspicion” makes it sound like a non-immigration crime, where you get the presumption of innocence. But there’s no presumption of innocence for illegal aliens. If you’ve entered the country legally, you simply show the immigration authorities your visa, work permit, or green card, and they leave you alone, without arresting you. This mope was arrested, because he was guilty of being an illegal human being.]

His family says at the Metropolitan Detention Center he was denied proper care and developed kidney damage, a heart attack and blindness.

[Then he shouldn’t have broken into our country. He should have remained in the country which alleged reporter Amy Johnson refused to name, assuming she even asked Miss Luna where she and her “husband” were from, and gotten its free, world-class medical care.]

Batista was moved to three other facilities before his death.

“They gave me another medicine,” Batista wrote in a letter read by his attorney, James Segall-Gutierrez, “that de-controlled my sugar levels.”

In a letter a month before he died, he complained of not receiving proper medical care and also asked for an attorney.

The family’s attorney has filed a civil-rights complaint against Obama, the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration Customs Enforcement, the Department of Justice, the Metropolitan Detention Center and the Giles Dalby Correctional Facility.

[I know what you’re thinking—it’s poetic justice, that “Obama” and his goons should get a taste of their own medicine.]

“Everybody, even if they are undocumented, is entitled to civil rights,” said Segall-Gutierrez.

[Wrong! Illegal aliens are most certainly not entitled to civil rights. Civil rights are the rights due to citizens.]

“A man has died; he left his [illegal alien] family, two children and a loving wife,” Segall-Gutierrez said. “Unacceptable.”

The attorney said he plans to go to Washington and serve the president.

“The only reason I’m filing against the president of the United States is that he is the figure head [sic] of the United States,” Segall-Gutierrez said, “for violating the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, and particularly the article which states we would live in peace.”

[The lawyer is a liar. If anyone violated the treaty, it is his client. But at least he gave away that the grifters are Mexican, in spite of Johnson’s attempt to cover that up.]

Johnson reports there has been no comment from any of the agencies named in the complaint.

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