Friday, August 29, 2014

The Banality of Racism: Black Supremacist Big League Star Adam Jones Condemns White Fans for Cheering on Black Little Leaguers



By Nicholas Stix

He's not man enough to just admit, "I hate white people."

At Countenance.


Anonymous said...

Being a whitey nationalist, I did remark to myself: "no whitey kids on the field" during that final game.

Anonymous said...

Cub fans are predominantly whitey. That area around Wrigley is predominantly whitey and almost upper class. But the fans did cheer.

I must admit those colored kids did give it a good go. They never did give up and did play well.

Anonymous said...

Being a whitey nationalist, I did notice this during that bottom of the sixth inning [I thought the Little league played seven innings] the fans started chanting USA and even the colored parents in the stands were waving American flags. I've never seen them do that before. It did surprise me.

Anonymous said...

And if the fans in Wrigley field had just sat there and did not make a peep, Mr. Jones would have been furious as well and condemned them also. Lose if you do and lose if you don't.