Thursday, August 28, 2014

Family of Mexican Invader-Terrorist Who Tried to Stone Border Patrol Agents to Death, and Died When They Killed Him in Self-Defense, is Suing the Agent and the Feds for $40 Million

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The mentality is the same as with blacks: Whitey must pay, and pay, and pay. He must pay by letting us rob him of his country, and if he should defend his country, then he must pay even more, forever!

Family of Mexican man killed by Border Patrol suing for $40M
By Jason Buch
August 27, 2014 : Updated: August 27, 2014 4:29pm
San Antonio Express News

The family of a Mexican man shot and killed by Border Patrol agents today sued the officials involved and the U.S. Government for $40 million.

The family of Guillermo Arevalo Pedraza are suing Agent Christopher Boatwright and his supervisors over the September 2012 killing of Arevalo on the banks of the Rio Grande in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

At the time, Border Patrol said the agents were responding to rock throwers on the Mexican side of the river. On Wednesday, Arevalo's family said Boatwright's shooting from a boat was unprovoked.

At a news conference, Corpus Christi attorney Bob Hilliard acknowledged that Border Patrol has changed its policies, but said the high dollar amount of the lawsuit was to ensure Border Patrol agents are deterred from unnecessary use of deadly force. [So, he hasn’t even the pretext of a fairy tale of a rationalization.]

[N.S.: So what are the policies now? Do BP officers have to run away from the rocks, or stand there and let themselves be slaughtered?]


Unbelievable! The guy is trying to sneak into this country illegally, is killed by authorities in the act of committing a crime and his family is not only suing but suing for more money than he would have made in several lifetimes.


Anonymous said...

That is exactly what it is. Make the border patrol back off and leave the area to the stone thrower.

And not a mere few throwing rocks and stones. Chunks of rock tossed by dozens at a time intended to kill or maim.

Unknown said...

His life was worth well over 100 million dollars. After all, he knew how to throw rocks!