Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lizzie Borden Took an Ax… Ilana Mercer on Parricide and “No-Fault Forgiveness”

By Nicholas Stix

Eight years ago, David Ludwig, 18, and Kara Borden, 14, embarked on a torrid, sexual affair. Her parents put a stop to it, but the kids defied them, and Ludwig showed up and shot the Bordens to death. Kara then ran off with her boyfriend. Ludwig and Kara were hunted down, but only he was arrested or prosecuted. She was initially treated as if she were a victim, because she tried to sell the fairy tale, whereby Ludwig had kidnapped her.

Ludwig was convicted of murdering the Bordens, and sentenced to “two consecutive life terms and an additional 9 1/2 to 19 years.”

Kara Borden’s “kidnapping” lie was exposed, and yet, not only was she not prosecuted or imprisoned, this pretty poison was given a moral pass by the authorities, her church, and the media. In 2007, the Self Help Center blog inducted her into the Jail Bait Hall of Fame.

In July, for the second consecutive year, Ludwig lost his appeal to get parole, or his sentenced repealed, based on having his status changed to juvenile at the time of his crimes.

I’ve often complained to my VDARE editor, Peter Brimelow, about today’s Christians, even seemingly devout ones—the kind the MSM used to call “fundamentalist Christians”—like the mother of Tulsa racial atrocity victim Ethan Nichols instantly forgiving her child’s killers.

America was founded by devout Christians, but they were not so forgiving as these. Otherwise, they would not have created the greatest country on the face of the earth.

No-Fault Forgiveness is Fatal
By Ilana Mercer
November 25, 2005

Shortly after Michael and Cathryn Borden of Lititz, Pennsylvania, were slain by their daughter's boyfriend (David Ludwig), family and clergy, at least those who presented themselves to the media, indicated their readiness to forgive little Lizzie, I mean Kara Borden. Forgiveness at least implies some acknowledgment of wrongdoing. The media, for the most, wouldn't even impugn the girl.

After the shootings, Borden hopped into her beau's get-away car. She told him she wanted to "get as far away as possible, get married, and start a new life." Only after Borden was confronted with surveillance cameras did she confess to accompanying Ludwig of her own free will.

The two had been involved in an intense sexual relationship…. On the fateful day the boy executed the Bordens, an argument had ensued…. It now seems more than likely she had summoned the heavily armed Ludwig to the house.

Before instant clemency came disbelief.

Kevin Eshleman, the Borden's pastor, assured Paula Zahn (who investigates only in the sense that Larry King “interviews”) that since he knew the teen personally, he could say with certainty she would never conspire against her parents in this manner….

Scott Peterson's friends and family said the same of him. Practically every alleged criminal's kin repeat similar incantations. By now we know these testimonials are worthless.

Still, one can understand family and friends refusing to believe the cherubic 14-year-old was nothing but a victim in the squalid affair. But what excuse do the chronically incurious and uncritical media have in view of the emerging—and incriminating—evidence?...

These all-too familiar spasms of no-fault forgiveness, however, are more a distillation of the mass culture than a reflection of any real religious sensibility. If anything, they are a sign of people adrift in a moral twilight zone….


Stephen said...

>>>I’ve often complained to my VDARE editor, Peter Brimelow, about today’s Christians, even seemingly devout ones—the kind the MSM used to call “fundamentalist Christians”—like the mother of Tulsa racial atrocity victim Ethan Nichols instantly forgiving her child’s killers.

>>>Ethan Nichols’ mother immediately told reporters that she’d forgiven her daughter’s killers, because she was obliged, as a Christian, to do so. To hate and seek vengeance, “is Satan,” in her theological view (Then count me on the side of Satan.).

Clearly, many of "today's Christians" (perhaps most of all the seemingly devout ones) are not Christians. According to Christianity—not "today's Christianity," which is often world's apart from the real thing—that's to be expected.

It's likely that the confused mother of Ethan Nichols has not searched the scriptures but has willingly undergone out-of-context, deep-immersion Sermon on the Mount indoctrination. For one, the Bible teaches that God hates and that God executes vengeance. In her theological view, then, God is Satan.

Concerning forgiveness: One cannot forgive a wrong done to another person. For that reason, to pretend to forgive a murderer is nonsense. The murder-victim's mother is engaging in a self-glorifying fake forgiveness, probably in hopes of earning herself some church cred. Ask her whether she'd approve of her child's murderer going scot-free. If not, then her "forgiveness" is bunk. After all, what kind of forgiveness calls for a long stay in the penitentiary?

Anonymous said...

Hes 18 and she was 14. Statutory rape. NOT even mentioned. Torrid and steamy hot love affair. Sounds like a Hollywood fable. Just the older boy taking advantage of the "girl".

jeigheff said...

Hi Stephen,

I'm a Christian, and I really can't argue with anything you said.

Many of Jesus' commandments aren't easy, like praying for our enemies, or forgiving. I wrestle with those commandments myself on a daily basis. But is the Lord pleased with us when we try to delude ourselves and others when we say we have forgiven someone when we really haven't? I don't think so.

God himself is angry with the wicked every day, as Proverbs tells us. And I do not believe our Lord wants us to let our nation go to the devil without a fight. It's true that I can't look on people's hearts the way the Lord can. But I am afraid that some Christians do believe that being just means letting evil have its way. I am grieved to say that.

Your point about forgiving someone for an injury done to another is telling.

I hope all this doesn't sound unduly contentious, because I think you and I are on the same page.


Bobbye said...

The Church operates today under one moral imperative:" love the sinner, but hate the sin". The only real way to do this is by becoming indifferent to the sin, sweeping sin into a closet, shutting the door and never thinking or mentioning it. The result of this 'morality' is for the church pews to be filled with unrepentant sinners, making the Church worthless.