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Say it Ain’t So! Reader Writes that Black Philadelphia LEOs Reveal Identities of Witnesses to Crimes Committed by Blacks, and Black NYPD Officers Reveal the “Color of the Day” Used by Undercover Cops to ID Themselves

By Nicholas Stix

I found this at National Review Online, where I’m on permablock, so I couldn’t even vote for my reader. As for whether what he’s saying is true, I don’t know, but I know of many cases of criminal black cops who aided and abetted black felons. In one case, where I can’t recall the city, black cops would warn black crooks when a bust was coming. In the case of the SFPD, a Nation of Islam member who had infiltrated the SFPD, and who sought to help the NOI murder the only witness in the racist, “Zebra” serial killing case.

Michael Ryan
• 2 days ago •

telling a retired NYPD friend about how Id just read in Philadelphia blacks have set up a online twitter, instagram account that government law enforcement workers there are posting the names photos and files of witnesses on because in case you dont know its a black thing not to snitch. Even on murderers of black children. so in other words black police and District Attorney employees are telling gangsters who what and where the witnesses can be found before trial.

My police friend scoffed and said that was trivial, That at role call every morning NYC police are given a code word to Identify undercover officers they might encounter. Every day the code is a different color. So if an officer comes upon an armed person who is actually undercover police the undercover is to shout out the color of the day. Except that black policemen every day call WBLS the black radio station and leak the color of the day which WBLS would duly broadcast to let the brothers in the hood know. So Dr Sowell id posit their is already a race war on just one side is still in denial thinking if we give them Detroit and Philly and Indianapolis Chicago, and Atlanta Jackson etc etc etc then we will get peace.
BTW Welcome to the Dark Enlightenment Dr Sowell When NRO fires you you can always blog in the Reactoshpere

xerocky to Michael Ryan

Michael, are you telling the truth?

Michael Ryan to xerocky
a day ago •

afraid so I also live and work in majority black areas my whole life whites have no idea whats going on its a war and we have lost
these are the two blogs that aggregate the stories that local news orgs cant hide but national one suppress which Dr Sowell uses and refers to.


N.S.: I looked into this matter, and found that a 17-year-old had been arrested for posting classified law enforcement information about a shooting to his Twitter feed, which then ended up posted on an Instagram account that also published classified information on crime victims and witnesses, though Philly police are not yet saying that the same suspect owned the Instagram account. However, no 17-year-old has access to such sensitive information, whose release can lead to, and is indeed intended to lead to the murder of crime witnesses. The suspect had to have been fed the information by a law enforcement officer(s) and/or criminal justice official(s), or perhaps they were feeding the information directly to the Web.

The existence of such Fifth Columnists is as old as affirmative action.

The article below reports that every day in Philadelphia, court officers arrest people in the court buildings, for photographing crime witnesses and their family members, as well as the family members of victims.

Philadelphia police: Teen arrested for posting investigation info to his Twitter account
By Associated Press
November 13, 2013
Washington Post

PHILADELPHIA — A teenager posted nonpublic information about a 2012 shooting on his Twitter feed, police said, and that material was later posted to an Instagram account being scrutinized for divulging information about witnesses to crimes in the city.

The 17-year-old was taken into custody after being charged with intimidation and terroristic threats, police spokeswoman Officer Tanya Little said Wednesday.

The charges come as investigators examine how the now-shuttered Instagram account titled “rats215,” a reference to Philadelphia’s area code, came to feature affidavits and photos of victims and witnesses in criminal cases.

Police are investigating if there is a connection between the two separate social media accounts.

“There was a lot of information there ... a lot of information that was not for public viewing,” Little said.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported earlier that the “rats215” Instagram account had posted material identifying more than 30 witnesses since February. The newspaper said the account had nearly 7,900 followers and had more than 150 photos, many drawing dozens of comments and likes.

Little said the investigation, which started Oct. 24, was continuing. Although the teenager is not accused of having owned the Instagram account, “you have to think about ... where did it come from?” she said. “That’s the question that has to be answered.”

Authorities have called witness intimidation a serious problem in Philadelphia, with people arrested daily in the city’s criminal courts building for taking photos of witnesses, victims’ families or judges and posting the images online, said Tasha Jamerson, a spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office.

Law enforcement officials have said they have long seen victim’s statements posted in public places or sent to the home of witnesses, but such material is now winding up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Instagram hasn’t said whether it took down the account. It says community guidelines bar content that bullies or harasses and that users are encouraged to report it.


jeigheff said...

Within the last year or two, I read a interesting comment from an older reader. (It might have been here.) When this individual was growing up, a teacher said that communists would use blacks in their struggle to destroy America.

Sadly, this seems to be all too true.

Anonymous said...

Whitey has not yet lost the war because whitey has NOT YET BEGUN TO FIGHT!

Anonymous said...

That 17 year old was merely a conduit for the classified info. That 17 year old cannot be tried as an adult. Very clever.

Jeigheff said...

Yes, Anonymous. I agree:

Whitey has not yet begun to fight.