Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A D.C. Reader Responds to “Race and the City”

Re: “Race and the City: A Report from the Rockaways.”


A fascinating problem. What the mathematicians might describe as a "non-trivial question." It's very similar here, in DC.

How sad. It's almost like a war.

I suppose there are two kinds of war; guerilla and conventional. One is for a warrior and the other for soldiers. But I don't know anything about that. I do know that objectives should be defined and individual strengths and weaknesses assessed before any action. (Like some weak winter rays of the sun that strayed into the National Zoo.)

You seem to be an affable and outgoing man. One might consider playing upon those strengths.

Solders align themselves with other soldiers. They follow rules and procedures.
They are meticulous and have all their gear in order, so.

Know every other like being in the school and on the bus route and every nearby school and every nearby bus route. Compile the lists like a daft clerk. Reach out to them in an affable and outgoing way. Guide them in a gentle but steady course to your objective. (And don't neglect the part about knowing your enemy)

Advice is cheap.
Action is dear.

I shudder at the light.

The time for metamorphosis is near.

The boys dream igneous eruptions, while my old heart prays for silent metatisus [metatesis?].

Best Wishes,

One in the Field
(I am not affable, anon if you please)

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