Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Paul Ryan—Enemy of Americans

By Jesse Mossman

In Tim Cavanaugh’s article, “Defining conservatism down,” he did an excellent job of showing that Paul Ryan is no conservative but just another big government, establishment Republican. Yes, it is hard to find any time he failed to vote for any Republican expansions of government.

But the piece fails to mention that Ryan has also been a relentless supporter of the phony "free trade" agreements that never fail to increase the trade deficit. The corporate elites love these agreements which allow them to move their production overseas and then import the products back to the U.S. This has resulted in the loss of millions of good-paying middle class manufacturing jobs and massive increases in the trade deficit. They have also allowed China to accumulate enormous trade surpluses which they can spend on militarization.

But Ryan and the corporatists he serves aren't satisfied with displacing Americans with cheap labor abroad—now Ryan is leading the fight in the House for a massive amnesty/immigration surge which will displace not just lower-income workers, but also replace educated professionals with cheaper labor from China and India.

It just isn't true that there is a labor shortage. If that were true, basic economics would have resulted in surging wages as companies competed for the available workers. Instead wages have been flat and nearly everyone knows educated engineers and programmers who cannot find jobs. Ryan whines that Wisconsin dairy farmers can't find cheap laborers. He says they can't raise wages to draw American workers because their products would be too expensive. However, studies have shown that farm wages can be increased enormously with very little increase in supermarket prices.

He also claims that higher prices would cause cheese production to move offshore. Well, that seems unlikely, but if it were true, tariffs would take care of the problem. Tariffs enabled the US to become the leading industrial power in the world. Now that we have shed protectionism, we are rapidly losing industry to Asian countries which have accomplished this through the use of literally hundreds of forms of protectionism. Tariffs are not an assault on freedom--they are simply taxes and internal taxes could be reduced to make the overall level of government revenue neutral--or preferably lower.

Ryan is not only a traitor to Americans, but also to his own party. Numerous studies have shown that when the majority of immigrants vote, they vote Democrat. Republican Treason Lobbyists have tried to tell us that is because immigrants see Republicans as anti-immigrant. This is a lie—the reality is that most immigrants want the kind of big government socialism which the Democrats provide best. All Ryan's immigration increase will do is further suppress American wages and increase the percentage of leftist voters.

If the average American is to have any kind of quality of life in the future, fake conservatives like Ryan must be given the boot. We need politicians who will look after the interests of average Americans—not corporate elites or protected minorities. The Republican Party must change or we need a new party.

[N.S.: Mr. Mossman sent the above ms. in as a letter to the editor, but it was so professionally written that I merely changed the opening, to turn it into an op-ed column.]


Anonymous said...

Excellent take on Birdlegs Ryan, acolyte of doovus Jack Kemp another deviate repub poser.

Anonymous said...

I hate open borders for business advocates. Americans first, last, and always like the preamble to the Constitution says, 'ourselves and our posterity'. Not to Mexico or the rich who want free labor.