Sunday, October 11, 2020

The Social Justice Endgame

By An Old Friend
Sun, Oct 11, 2020 7:18 p.m.

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The Social Justice Endgame

The Social Justice Endgame
What do social justice warriors want?

This is an important essay. Please read and forward as wide as you can. The problem is that he does not discuss the endgame. No one discusses the endgame  -- and if he did, first, his career and livelihood would be in ruins, and, second, no one would want to read it: too "depressing."

Being uniquely positioned through the vagaries of an international life to see the endgame clearly, let me tell you what it is: total, utter destruction of America, and following that, Western Civilization.

Above all, an invasion by China and vassalage to that power. The people who run it are not chosen based on the percentage of melanin in their skin, or the shape of their genitalia, or whom they fuck. They are chosen based on their mental powers -- and that in a nation of  1.4 billion whose average IQ is already 5 points above that of American Whites', and 20 points above that of American Blacks'. 

Another unpleasant if less likely endgame to America's madness is military defeat by Russia with whom we are the cocksure sword-wavers without realizing what such a white, high-IQ, super-brains-endowed, stoked-on-patriotism, Christianity, and paternalistic machismo power can do, decrepit though it is in many ways.

Lastly, variations on the above themes through Dar al-Islam working from both inside and outside the diseased American organism; and even surprises from such left-field agents as united Korea--an event sure to happen this century, with large consequences.

The real "White Privilege" is with the accursed white morons who are visiting this disaster on us. For some reason they assume that America is so strong   -- militarily, financially, socially, and spiritually (yes) -- that it can indulge as its main national pursuit in a pattern of permanent conduct that's akin to a madman stripping naked, climbing a tall tree, and living there from then on with no food or water and engaged in one activity only -- public masturbation. Proud of it too, and the more onlookers the better.

The world doesn't work that way. Reality doesn't work that way. There will be a terrible price to pay.


Anonymous said...

That's it in a nutshell."White morons",seems an understated description.

Anonymous said...

China would not have to invade the US--if they own the land, the houses, the industry, and especially the politicians (for example, Biden) they will control everything. That is why it is essential to use tariffs and other means to bring back American manufacturing. And we need to stop allowing them access to American capital. The Chinese cannot keep expanding without access to American capital--there is not enough money available in London or Berlins--they have to have American money. China can be collapsed with the right policies. Unfortunately, banksters and other corporation have a greed for short-term profits and don't care if they sell America out. This is TREASON and we need to wake up and do something about it before it is too late. The same traitors want to dilute the traditional American population by bringing in foreign workers--like Indians and Chinese. These people take jobs Americans need and when they get citizenship, vote for socialist Democrats who will continue to sell us out.

Anonymous said...

Yes,a lot of treason in our country--a lot of it by woke Whites(bankers like Dimon,pols like Biden,generals like Mattis).Governors like Whitmer,mayors like DeBlasio and my own mayor Bliss.TV people like Holt,Norah O'Donnell,Margaret Brennan.Hollywood commies include Reiner,Moore,Swift and blackie John Legend(and wife).Too many to mention.