Sunday, October 25, 2020

Arab Gets Treated Like a White Man, Charged with Murder for Stopping Black Career Criminal from Burglarizing His Business

By R.C.
Sat, Oct 24, 2020 11:00 p.m.

Mohammed Hizam is also charged with manslaughter and two counts of felony firearm was charged in connection with the Oct. 12 shooting that killed 30-year-old Joshua Lewis. Hizam is accused of firing the fatal shot through plexiglass at the gas station in


Anonymous said...

So blacks,on this informal scale of where the races are placed in levels of importance,by "the powers that are attempting to take over",obviously have blacks over Arabs,but Arabs are below Whites--who may slightly ahead of Mex(coin toss).Asians are completely on the bottom,unless they work for the New York Times as a commie columnist/reporter,then,they're #2--above Whites,Arabs and Mex.Conservatives of all types are below non-media type Asians.
Stories,like the one presented,give us a hint of the rankings of each race,as they would fare(theoretically) in head to head legal matters.

Example:Would LE tend to favor a Mex over an Arab in a criminal case?Who would police give the benefit of the doubt to--the Mex?Probably not.And so forth.
It's kind of like a Billboard record chart--very fluid--depending on sentiment for or against each group at a certain time--which shifts based on many factors ie:fear,jealousy,guilt etc.

In late September 2001,Arabs would have been listed below black mass murderers--they were detested so intensely.THIS week,sitting at #3 comfortably,still not high enough to prevail against a black thug,but probably victorious against Samuel Little.That outcome would not have been a sure thing 19 years ago

Whites were #1 until about 2008,when Obama teamed up with liberal media and pols to start a backlash against Whites.The various black criminals who media turned into martyrs--with Obama exclaiming that "Trayvon Martin could be my son,"began a recalibration that only increased during Donald Trump's administration--that is,all Whites who support Trump are racists.Whites--"who give blacks a hard time" over negro behavior,are also racist--no matter any extenuating circumstances.
Whites are now vilified in cases involving blacks,but would still(in my humble opinion)be victorious against Mex,Arab or Asian.
I have no idea what could enable Whites to leap above blacks in the near future.Maybe some cataclysmic event is triggered by a black,radical group and the worm turns.It is unknown at this time,what that event would be.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Hmmm..maybe whites will finally wake up if we discover that the majority of serial killers are black men and most of them murder whites, or that 3 out of 4 of the most prolific ever are black men, or maybe if blacks sexually assault over 40,000 white women a year, sometimes doing it openly in the streets with no fear of reprisal from whites, or blacks start openly assaulting whites with such frequency even judges and celebrities become victims, or if blacks start openly forming large groups who descend upon white or Asian businesses stealing and assaulting with impunity, or that blacks become responsible for 50% of murders in the US and the overwhelming majority of mass killings, or that blacks along with white allies use race blackmail to force us to reward them for unearned artistic accomplishments, or that negro's invade our borders in mass numbers and force themselves into or society and lives without our consent?

Yeah, any of those alone should be enough to change the hierarchy, then we'll see some changes! Oh wait...

Anonymous said...

Detroit of course. Arabs like this one hardly white as white normally understood.

Anonymous said...

Hardly a whitey man as we understand that term. But for statistical recording keeping purposes will be counted as such.