Saturday, October 24, 2020

Karen-Hunting: White Beauty Parlor Owner Provokes Incident with White Woman Customer, Which She Illegally Tape Records, Doctors Tape, and Shares It with Trash Youtube Channel

By Nicholas Stix

I am reprinting here comments I posted at youtube.

This is garbage. I saw nothing “racist” from the customer, and plenty of unprofessional behavior from Sharon. The customer ought to sue Sharon and the gutter show, What’s Trending.

Sharon asserts that the customer had a history of “racist” incidents, but provides no evidence, and when she provides “evidence,” it shows her provoking the customer on videotape. Thus, I conclude that it is Sharon—and the host—who is racist and sexist towards older White women. This appears to be a hate hoax, as is underscored by the use of the racist, sexist term, “Karen.”

What Sharon and What’s Trending did is illegal. Sharon violated the customer’s right to privacy and defamed her by secretly taping the incident, which Sharon provoked, and giving it in doctored form to What’s Trending, which committed the same actionable offenses. The victim needs to sue both parties, and put them out of business.

For about three years, various racist, sexist parties (largely split between blacks and White women) have been hunting White women, in order to destroy their lives. First, the attackers and their supporters called their victims, “Beckys.” Now they call them, “Karens.” This campaign of racist, sexist terror will not end, unless and until the victims sue and/or otherwise harm their tormentors.

Since app. 95% of blacks are racial supremacists, it is unsurprising that they do this. But that so many White women would be so full of murderous hatred towards other White women should be seriously pondered and dealt with, by any means necessary.

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Long time client Robin labeled as the new ‘Karen’ strongly refuses service from her hairstylist’s Mexican assistant. She then goes on to attempt to assault the hairstylist, and yet still demands to be given service. –

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