Monday, October 12, 2020

Should Joe Morgan be Removed from the Hall of Fame for Racism? He Just Died at 77

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Breaking: Joe Morgan Dead at 77

Breaking: Joe Morgan dead at 77
Major League Baseball has lost yet another Hall of Famer in 2020. Joe Morgan, a 10-time All-Star...
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OCT 12, 2020





Anonymous said...

Tell us more about the racism.

Nicholas said...

Years ago, when he was mistakenly stopped in an airport, he sued, crying "racism," and got over $100,000.

When Ryne Sandberg was voted into the Hall of Fame, Morgan screamed bloody murder, asserting that Sandberg wasn't good enough. I've never heard of any other Hall of Famer doing that, and it could not have been a coincidence that Sandberg was White.

When the Astros and the White Sox met in the 2005 World Series, Morgan was outraged that one (or was it both?) team had no black position players.

Anonymous said...

Sounds racist to me also.Sandberg was as smooth a player as there was for many years.Morgan should have bitched about Mexico,Cuba,Central and South America taking over the rosters.If he did complain about that,I would have agreed--but from the White point of view.