Friday, October 16, 2020

Loony Report from SF Bay Area

By A Colleague
Thu, Oct 15, 2020 7:26 p.m.

Loony Report from SF Bay Area

1) Young UC Berkeley 'undocumented' student blazes a trail of victimhood, authors a how-to guide to further undermine the country

... and attacks the university for its colonial transgressions...

I recognize that this student guide will benefit students at UC Berkeley and outside of the university, my intention is to ensure that I acknowledge how the university is a colonial tool. We must remain critical of the kind of relationship we have with the University. While recognizing the importance of renaming buildings that were named after colonizers, and offering land acknowledgments we must also sit with knowing that this is not enough. We must educate ourselves on the original people of this land and offer our support in every action we take.

2) And across the Bay in Marin we have for your consideration...

San Rafael police: Five arrested in connection with toppling Junipero Serra statue October 13, 2020


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Anonymous said...

I just gave another $500 to the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee. My totals this year are $5,600 to Biden, $2,700 to the DSCC, and $200 to the Lincoln Project, for a grand total of $8,500. I hope to do another $1,500 by election day.

Being a millionaire sure is fun!

And how are things with you?