Thursday, September 24, 2020

This Should be a Death Penalty Case: The Beast Needs to be Put Down; Senior Who Died While Defending Friend from Attacker at North Highlands High Track Given Carnegie Medal

War crime victim, Fusako Petrus

By A.L.
Wed, Sep 23, 2020 10:53 p.m.

This Should be a Death Penalty Case. Hope so. The Beast Needs to be Put Down.

Senior Who Died While Defending Friend from Attacker at North Highlands High Track Given Carnegie Medal  

Alleged war criminal, Neven Glen Butler. Self-identified "investigative reporter" Mary Cummins, who is sure Butler must have done some bad drugs that made him crazy, provided the baby picture.



Anonymous said...

If you watch the video report from the TV station,you don't see any outrage against the black bastard who did this.You DO get to see a relative of his say,"I don't know what happened,but something went wrong with him."
Yup,at conception--a black brain begin to form--full of violence and sociopathy,that at age 18 would manifest itself with this act of evil.

The rest of the report sugar-coated everything,by playing up the Carnegie Medal,as some sort of compensation for loss of life.

One question:Would you prefer to receive a posthumous award of a Carnegie Medal--or be alive?
If I could make a small acceptance speech in place of the deceased,Fusako Petrus,I would say:
"I am accepting the award given to Fusako Petrus without one ounce of good feeling in receiving it,because this horrific encounter should never have happened.The committee's pitiful attempt to gloss over this racist,senicidal crime,perpetrated by a negro thug--with an award--is nothing short of an abomination,as the crime of murder against Mrs.Petrus was abhorrent too.

The killer of Mrs.Petrus should receive one particular award--the death penalty--of that there is no doubt,but that punishment of Neven Glen Butler still falls short.There needs to be more.We,as a society,have to understand that blacks--on any single day--can attempt a similar attack on anyone's grandmother(or wife or daughter).

Therefore,how can we best remember Mrs.Petrus?I suggest,1)we stop awards from being given out to commemorate murders by violent negroes and 2)to begin discussing how we can attempt to downsize/eliminate blacks from our communities to prevent future similar attacks on other senior women.Those would be two sensible ideas that would benefit all law abiding Americans--who like to go for walks with friends--without fear of attack by black sociopaths.
Only then,would Fusako Petrus's death not be in vain.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Drugs. YES. That must have been what it was. Drugs. Nothing else. sure.

Anonymous said...

Whitey mother with negro father [no father present at arraignment of course]. Says a lot right there. Attacked another elderly woman the same day?? A real evil bastard. Young strapping bull necked negro [from behind his brother or half brother has the same bull neck] attacking the elderly. You can tell a lot about a criminal just from the victims. In these cases elderly persons least able to protect themselves.