Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Breonna Taylor’s Cousin in Grand Rapids Trying to Incite a Riot—woodtv Has Live Coverage to Assist (Breonna Taylor Hoax)

Taylor’s Cousin in Grand Rapids Trying to Incite a Riot—woodtv Has Live Coverage to Assist
By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Wednesday, September 23, 2020 at 6:37:00 P.M. EDT

GRA: Tawana Gordon, in Grand Rapids—Breonna Taylor’s cousin, just made a statement—aired by woodtv. I wrote down a few comments, made shortly before 6 p.m., as wood tries to inflame a riot following the decision by Louisville prosecutors to not file felony charges against three policemen involved in the incident in March.


“I was shocked that no charges of negligence or excessive force were filed against those policemen.”

[Lots of tears.]

“It’s just one black life after another in this country. They don’t treat us as good as animals, we’re back to being 3/5 of a person.” [GRA: If that’s true, Whites are 2/5 now.]

A crowd of unknown size was around Gordon as she tried to get more destruction going in the city.

Meanwhile, wood was also down in Kalamazoo, where a fairly decent crowd was present—Kalamazoo a city that embraces rioting as much as Grand Rapids.

I’ll keep you updated. They might wait until the weekend—get better organized.

Afterwards, Lesta Holt took the baton at 6:30 p.m., saying “Everyone is angry at no charges in the death of Brianna Taylor.”

N.S.: black supremacist family members of blacks killed by police, regardless of the circumstances, get free riots. Recall failed, black, racist, would-be cop-killer Mike Brown in Ferguson. His alleged stepfather called on the mob to “Burn the b—ch down!”

And they did. And they all got a freebie.



Anonymous said...

GRA:A recap of the attempt by Breonna Taylor's cousin in Grand Rapids to cause a riot,failed to ignite tonight.There was a crowd,"in the hundreds(200 or so)that listened to Taylor's cousin on a stage."

The crowd then moved downtown to the GRPD headquarters, where the crowd screamed for black,300 lb police chief Eric Payne to come out.

He did,and was ordered to take a knee--which was actually hilarious to watch;the poor guy is obese.He also took a knee in June,shortly after the "Floyd riots".

You could see the look on his face--"no more kneeling,PLEASE"--as he tried to bend down and get back up.
The 90% black crowd walked to Rosa Parks Circle(I know),where everything broke up.

Kalamazoo was fairly quiet but as the reporter there,Jacqueline Francis threw it back to the studio with,"The crowd is still looking for change."The WOOD anchor,White dingbat Susan Shaw replied with,"I hope so."
Shaw is ready for NNN--except she has a face only a horse could love.
Nothing to riot about on this one,as it turns out,but that never stopped the blacks before,has it?
P.S. After that,on Jimmy Fallon's sh**show,his first guest was Joy Reid--"in honor of Breonna Taylor."

Reid made up some outrageous fiction about the shootout for the audience--that only NBC could invent .Look it up on Youtube.Reid tells some whoppers and all Fallon says is ,"WOW".

Reid: "The police busted in and shot Breonna at 1230 am"--not acknowledging that a witness confirmed police both announced themselves,knocked and were shot at.
"These cops are free and clear from prosecution for killing Breonna Taylor."
"Police just can't shoot anyone they want,"she asserted.
That was enough for me.
TV off.

Anonymous said...

Cities like Kalamazoo, Kokomo, etc. Lots of colored in cities thanks to the auto industry. rue the day now.