Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Mass, Third World Invasion, White Genocide, and “Democratic” Elections

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

Steve Sailer: NYT: “We Can Replace Them”

Michelle Goldberg, in the New York Times: “… In a week, American voters can do to white nationalists what they fear most. Show them they’re being replaced.”

[When Goldberg speaks of “white nationalists,” she means any whites who oppose their race being genocided.]

Steve Sailer: “Seriously, you can tell that there are very few grand conspiracies in this world, that instead there are just people doing whatever the hell seems like a good idea to them at the moment, because nobody important is going to order Michelle Goldberg to ix-nay on the Replacement rants: the secret master plan is supposed to be a secret!

“Even more seriously, the Immigration Weapon needs to be driven out of American politics. It’s way too tempting to try to use immigration to elect a new people, which in turn sets off a psychologically inevitable chain of thought about how the old people deserve their replacement. Allowing one side to try to win elections through altering the electorate via immigration is like allowing a football team to bring brass knuckles, razor blades, and guns onto the field. We need a national understanding that using immigration to try to win without having to persuade the current voters is not some sacred rite, it’s incredibly destructive to democracy and it should be shunned by all.

“At this point, everybody needs to take a breath and calm down.

“I admire Bernie Sanders because he got to be about 75 years old seemingly without it occurring to him that morality demands that he win by replacing the electorate with more Bernie-friendly voters.

“Bernie always seemed to assume that the right way to win was by persuading the existing electorate that he was right and the other side was wrong. What a dinosaur! Everybody knows nowadays that Democrats deserve to win by rigging the election by importing a new electorate.”

N.S.: Unfortunately, that ship has sailed (no pun intended). There are so many tens of eligible voters who fraudulently obtained citizenship, plus 40 million-to-50 million illegal aliens in the country that the immigration problem is a permanent bug in election politics. That’s why Civil War II or white genocide is inevitable.

Steve has been talking a lot over the past year or two about how the powers that be have brought in foreign “ringers,” to destroy America’s democratic elections. However, he is not drawing sound logical conclusions from his own sound premises.

Patriots can never cool it again. And they are justified in doing everything necessary, to keep Democrats out of power. I have no interest in being a “beautiful loser.” And America wasn’t founded as a democracy, to begin with.


Anonymous said...

"Michelle Goldberg to ix-nay on the Replacement rants: the secret master plan is supposed to be a secret!"

What was supposed to be a secret or only whispered about in certain circles IS NOW OPENLY DISCUSSED! Replacement of whitey that concept to certain folks is not only going to happen, but is a good thing and MUST happen. Even the thought relished and with glee.

This is no longer about DACA or the 11 million to 12 million illegals [number probably significantly greater]. Open borders and teeming numbers of illegals without any constraint.

Anonymous said...

Questions:Is Michelle Goldberg a force that can help orchestrate the scenario of "replacing whitey?"
Obviously,Goldberg is Jewish,which is what the Pittsburgh mass murderer,Robert Bowers latched onto in his reasoning for his attack on the synagogue.
Does she work with other Jews?Do whites have a right to fight such people that have a plan to replace them?
Just asking,but I think Darwin would say "Yes" to the last one.

--GR Anonymous-I'm a white man

Anonymous said...

My God, where would one begin?

You have targets aplenty. One would hope that the do-nothing RINO's would be on the short list. It almost seems that they think we will not hold them accountable for the backstabbing treason they do to us citizens on a regular basis. From Benedict Sessions to Birth-wrong Ryan. The American people put the Republicans in power to stop this liberal / progressive rape of the Constitution and our Founding Father's real plans of prosperity for the People. We have been sold out for a buck and a media shuck. Regardless of Race, regardless of party affiliation, regardless of gender...... if you want to see OUR Freedoms and OUR culture survive, the one you know in your heart is worth defending...... just like what countless veterans have given their tomorrows for.... then now is the time to turn up OUR heat. Put it on broil, in order to catch up to the slow boil we've been subject to, for way to long. Enough is Enough

Anonymous said...


LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. -- A nurse’s Halloween costume has led to her firing and an investigation at Saint Luke's Health System, according to WDAF.

The woman, a nurse with Saint Luke's East Hospital in Lee's Summit, was seen on Facebook wearing blackface, dressed as Beyonce. The man next to her is dressed as Jay Z.

A picture of the same woman from 2009 shows her dressed up as another member of Destiny's Child.

Saint Luke's said that it learned about this Monday and immediately started an investigation. On Tuesday, the hospital announced the nurse no longer works there.

The health system issued the following statement:

"On Monday afternoon, Saint Luke’s Health System became aware of a Saint Luke’s East Hospital employee who posted photos on personal social media accounts of her and another individual dressed in blackface for what appears to be a Halloween event. This information was shared with appropriate health system personnel and an investigation was initiated immediately. While it is against Saint Luke’s policy to comment on specific personnel matters, we can confirm that this individual is no longer a Saint Luke’s employee. Saint Luke’s is deeply committed to our culture of diversity and inclusion. It is fundamental to who we are as an organization and we vigorously protect it on behalf of all our patients and employees and expect those who represent us to do the same."

Many in the local academic community said this should be used as a teachable moment. Historically, blackface was used to perpetuate negative stereotypes of African Americans.
GRA:Another white hammered with firing from their job.Getting dressed up as Beyonce is obviously not the same connotation as blackface in the 30s.Hell,Ted Danson did it years ago,Lester Holt got made up in WHITEFACE in 2009 for Halloween-as Susan Boyle.I hope the nurse sues to get her job back.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I Googled Goldberg (say that fast 3 times)and she seems like a pretty non-descript writer.Whether others latch on to her and make her their mouthpiece,I don't know.But her career right now anyways,appears to be underwhelming-at best.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Why I won't vote for black John James part 2
Previously,I mentioned that although James,running for the Senate,is a Republican and Trump calls him "a star","Hannity calls him a "stud"and he's a Vet--I cannot vote for him.Blacks,pretending to be white,by changing parties are still blacks-with black interests first.Now this week,I found out he's trying to be white in another way.

My second reason for the no vote-- he married a white woman 5 years ago and has two halfies running around in a political ad now showing. A victory in the election would no doubt publicize for 6 years,an interracial relationship that is a poor example for young white females.James may or may not treat his white wife well,those kinds of facts are never available,but most black male/white female hookups are hell on earth for the white female.
James,in his bio,talks about racism against his father as an impetus for him to do what he's doing in his life.With that attitude,you can see he was going to show whitey (and black women also)that being black was not for him--although that's exactly what he is.By marrying a white woman,he's again deluding himself that he's ALMOST white.A black Republican,with a white wife.Not going to happen with me,James.
James is about 7% behind in the latest poll.
--GR Anonymous

Nicholas said...


You're right. She's a nothing. But she has the backing of a hugely powerful institution, and that's all that matters, nowadays.

Nicholas said...


P.S.: Institutional support is a force multiplier. Turns a 0 into 1,000,000.