Monday, October 22, 2018

A Tale of the Media, Two Alleged Serial Killers, and the Wheels of Justice


War crime victim Kassie Federer, in a high school picture

By Jerry PDX
Monday, October 22, 2018 at 1:06:00 A.M. EDT

If you go to Fox News right now, you'll see the difference between how white serial killers are presented and black ones.

A white suspected serial killer, Regis Andrew Brown, who allegedly murdered his wife and stepdaughter, plus a man who witnessed him committing a burglary is a center-page feature on Fox News.

Meanwhile, black alleged serial killer Travis Green gets the sidebar. Note the lurid language in the article about Brown, then look at the article about Green, a rapist-murderer who is suspected of raping and killing three women, at least two of whom were white, though I suspect all his alleged victims were. (The first two vics were both 19 years old, while the third was 82.) In his article it’s “Just the facts, ma’am,” and not much else; the drama and sensationalism are saved for the white guy.


War criminal Travis Green

I want to appreciate Fox for at least running the story about Green but can’t help but be disappointed that they gave him the low-key sidebar story but the white man the center-page feature along with the hysterics. Brown is suspected of other murders, as many as 16 but it’s very early, so it’s not for sure. One has to wonder if the zeal to report white serial killers translates into zeal in investigating them as serial killers, and the relative lack of zeal in reporting black serial killers also translates into less zeal for investigating the extent of their crimes. Green was active for quite some time, and sexually motivated killers like him usually have more victims than we know of.

Confessed serial killer Regis Andrew Brown

N.S.: Fewer and fewer of these murders are going to be solved in the future. The Baton Rouge PD has disbanded its Cold Case Unit, and all over the country, law enforcement agencies are engaged in rampant, affirmative action hiring of non-white forensic scientists who are incompetent, and often malicious, as well.

The most notorious names in this Hall of Shame are Joyce Gilchrist, aka “Black Magic” (black, Texas), Annie Dookhan (Trinidadian/South Asian, Massachusetts), and Jonathan Salvador (Hispanic). As a result, innocent men have been executed, potentially thousands of cases thrown out, and the amount of money that may ultimately be paid out in damages—to the innocent and guilty alike—knows of no upper limit.

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jerry pdx
I have no doubt there will be a tendency for those forensic technicians to analyze carefully, and with more zeal, the forensics of "white" serial killers, rapists and murderers than non white ones.