Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Phoenix: Yet Another White, Racist, Mass/Spree Murderer?! Not Exactly


A police sketch artist drew this composite picture of a white killer, but police knew the real killer was black

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Monday, June 4, 2018 at 7:06:00 P.M. EDT

More black-on-white crime, as Phoenix mass murderer kills six.

NBC Negro Nightly News, which had showed a composite drawing of a white man as a suspect the last few days, in the deaths of six Phoenix area residents—including a counselor and others associated with a mental health facility—reported that a black man, Dwight Lamon Jones, was cornered by police a few hours ago.

Jones killed himself.

NBC theorized that Jones was having a contentious divorce and during the course of the last week, shot and murdered three mental health employees and a counselor that his estranged wife was seeing.

[Actually, the contentious divorce took place from 2010-2011.]

There was another double murder committed today that officials connected to Jones, as well. It appeared that most (if not all) of the vics were white.

NBC had the black guy’s face on-air for a grand total of three seconds.


A 2009 mug shot of Dwight Lamon Jones


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