Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Ann Coulter on the Death of Journalism

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Anonymous said...

As I said about "Roseanne",what Barr tweeted should NOT have resulted in the show's cancellation.The main problem is always the "morally superior sponsors",
who the networks cave in to after the blogosphere of liberals goes bananas,in this case,over an ape comment.
ABC has a contract with these sponsors--and should hold them to that contract,whether controversy erupts or not.Sponsors should not be allowed to pull out of running ads on a program--under ANY circumstances. (When is the last time a network cancelled a sponsor,because of bad pub--like Starbucks WASN'T). Tell the public "Roseanne" will air--and the ratings will decide its fate.Also,run a disclaimer that "the sponsors do not necessarily agree with the opinions of Roseanne,but they DO have a contract for the full season--which is being enforced."
THAT is the right way to handle any of this.Same goes for Samantha "C".But be consistant.
---GR Anonymous