Friday, June 22, 2018

Nigger, Please! Top Flix Flack Hacked for Saying Which Word Blacks May Say, but Whites May Not


October, 2015 mug shot of Jonathan Friedland; penal institution is named in background

By A Texas Reader

Netflix's top spokesman fired over use of racial term

The spokesman, Jonathan Friedland, confirmed in tweets that he was leaving the company, saying he was insensitive in speaking with his team about words that offend in comedy.

N.S.: This reminds me of an incident several years ago. Black supremacist actor Samuel L. Jackson tried to get a white movie writer fired and whitelisted, by telling him to say “nigger.” The media operative wisely refused to do as Jackson ordered him to do, but chickened out of saying why he wouldn’t obey his master. The missing part of Jackson's head is bald.


Samuel L. Jackson


Anonymous said...

Somebody wanted more burrheads and less whites on the board--maybe the Obamas?They just signed a deal on May 21st with Netflix.Now whitey must go.I wonder...nawwww.Just a coincidence,like Roseanne getting dumped by (black)Channing Dungey--ABC Entertainment exec.
But I'll wager a weeks pay,the racism talk against whites (that you know occurs)by blacks,goes unpunished.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

One more thing.I have a feeling,that the most satisfying scenario that blacks can attempt to pull off, is when they are able to manipulate whites into "cannibalizing" one of their own.That's just what happened here.No second chances for Friedland.
Obama,I mean,Netflix has yet to announce a replacement,but my guess is, his/her skin tone will be somewhere between Michelle and Barack's.
Odds of a white guy replacing Friedland are 99-1.Odds of Tom Arnold finding a job on Netflix--even money.Odds of someone calling Netflix,Nigflix--off the board.(Odds given are for informational purposes/amusement only)

Anonymous said...

I've been critical of Sammy since day one. Why you ask?
For starters, he is enormously arrogant, ugly as a foot, hostile to whites and has a
chip (chimp?) on his shoulder. His movies suck (full disclosure: never seen one to completion) Hollywood media fawn all over this dude, only because he is a nagger / whiner. This guy "acts" like he has been held back by the man , and was instrumental in creating the Hollywood fantasy, that arrogant and hostile blacks are the real hero's in life. And lastly, because he is filthy rich.
I recall years ago, he wanted a role in a movie REALLY bad, similar to what Dustin Hoffman did in a woman's dress. He was to star opposite of Kermit the Frog, and he yearned to play Miss Niggy.

Anonymous said...

He was using the bad word to tell everyone what bad word not to use. I still am not sure what the bad word is. They never say other than it is a bad word used to describe negroes.

Anonymous said...

1047 am anonymous:Your entire paragraph would have been a firable offense at Netflix--if you were white.
Blacks execs no doubt,call us whitesh*t,flourfuc*ks and other disrespectful terms in their meetings,as in:
Black director:"We have to cast some whiteshit for the next "Black Panther" movie,ya know we have to get a couple flourfuc*ers to fill some crap waiter roles or some cracka extras to blow"
Black president of netflix-like corporation:"Token whiteys???lol lol."
White exec:"You guys are so cool,I'm glad I fired that racist whitey.I almost feel like I'm an African American too."
"You can't call us THAT honky.I'm tweeting that out--your ass is good as gone."
Tell me this doesn't happen.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Restaurant Owner Who Booted Sanders Says Gay Employees Too Triggered By WH Press Secretary
The owner of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia says that she booted White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders because her gay employees were triggered over the Trump administration's transgender military ban, according to an interview she gave to the Washington Post.

In a nutshell, Sanders was joining a party of eight booked under her husband's name. The owner, Stephanie Wilkinson, was at home when her chef called to let her know that the staff was highly offended at Sanders's presence:

Sarah Huckabee Sanders had just walked in and sat down, the chef informed her.

“He said the staff is a little concerned. What should we do?” Wilkinson told The Washington Post. “I said I’d be down to see if it’s true.”


“Tell me what you want me to do. I can ask her to leave,” Wilkinson told her staff, she said. “They said yes.”


Several Red Hen employees were gay, she said. They knew Sanders had defended Trump’s desire to bar transgender people from the military. This month, they had all watched her evade questions and defend a Trump policy that caused migrant children to be separated from their parents.

At the end of the night, staff members wrote on their employee whiteboard "86 Sara Huckabee Sanders" - a code for throwing someone out of an establishment. One of the servers photographed the whiteboard and posted it to his public Facebook wall.

After the story went viral, Sanders posted to Twitter: "Last night I was told by the owner of Red Hen in Lexington, VA to leave because I work for @POTUS and I politely left. Her actions say far more about her than about me. I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so."
GRA:So this is legal?I have a couple ethnic groups that I'd like to suggest, should also be restricted from entering establishments.Is this a precedent--or does it only apply to white,straight people again?Rhetorical question.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Democrats. That's the bad word used to describe Negroes.

Anonymous said...

ALL BLACK CRAP(ABC)network lets game shows go all black tonight.
First,Colored Family Feud had all NBA players on at 8pm.Didn't watch.
$100,000 Negro Pyramid Show,tonight's 'stars" were Snoop Dogg and Questlove(10 points if you know who that blackie is),with a black female contestant,and a gay,half black/half Mex,the other contestant."No whites allowed" order in force from I assume,black exec Channing Dungey.I was at my mom's house,and she is a pretty tolerant person,but even SHE said,"Too many blacks,the show is no good anymore."
I watched 20 seconds to see them all act like chimps in a zoo.Didn't watch the rest of it.Garbage.And the host Michael Strahan acted like he wanted a banana more than host a game show.Last year,he tried to keep some calmness about him,but now--PURE BLACK,OVER THE TOP ANTICS--especially amongst 4 other blackies.It was like watching Cedric the Entertainer be installed as host of "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?"a few years back.
The biggest collapse of a show in history--due totally to the change of host,from white Meredith Viera to non-talent black,Cedric.
Blacks wouldn't watch(and never did)because they couldn't answer the questions,but management must have thought Cedric would lure them over--uh uh.
Whites abandoned the show because of Cedric and the dumbing of the questions for the increasingly more frequent black contestants that appeared.
This show is traveling the same highway to hell.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Good for the white actor for not taking the bait.