Sunday, January 08, 2017

Rough Trade

By Nicholas Stix

Just what it sounds like, at Countenance.


Anonymous said...

Right. Whitey homosexual man who likes abuse. Self-hating and uses minorities to take it out on him. Rough trade you don't always know what that means. NOW you know.

Anonymous said...

Orlando Police Sergeant Killed in Line of Duty; Manhunt Underway for Suspect
A man wanted for allegedly killing a pregnant woman gunned down a veteran police sergeant in Orlando this morning as she tried to stop him from fleeing, officials said.

Master Sgt. Debra Clayton, a wife and mother, was on duty by herself around 7 a.m. near a Walmart, when a citizen approached her about the suspect, Markeith Loyd, 41, and said he was nearby, the Orlando police said.

Clayton found Loyd and then chased him. When Clayton told him to stop running, he opened fire, police said. Clayton, who was wearing body armor, was shot multiple times, police said, and later died.

Afterwards, he fled and allegedly stole a car before being last seen at an apartment complex.

Authorities said Loyd is known to officers and is considered dangerous.
GRA:The story is the thug killed his pregnant girlfriend.I have not been able to determine if she was white or not.From the looks of this guy,I find it difficult to believe ANY white woman would become involved with him,but who knows nowadays.

Anonymous said...

A quick check showed the deceased pregnant woman to be Sade Dixon,a black woman and EX gf of Markeith Loyd.Loyd had 20 criminal arrests in his 41 years.He's not dead yet,but police I'm sure are working on
Amazing the blacks can't even spell Lloyd correctly.