Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Mass Murder in Fontana, California (Los Angeles Area): Man Shoots Flour Relatives, Killing Three (Raceless, Faceless)

By Reader-Researcher RC



Anonymous said...
Can't believe they didn't kill him.Chicago is a literal effing jungle.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

And Chicago cannot be brought under control. Two areas [Austin & Englewood] very high crime and where the preponderance of the killings occur. Just bad people acting badly. NO amount of policing is going to solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

Chicago actually with all the killing improved from the the early 1970's One year during that period they nearly had 1,000 murders.

Anonymous said...

I hope Mr. Trump is a devoted visitor to this site.It's a great way to get realistic,concise,and an otherwise unreported view,of the world MSM doesn't want us to see.
The four blacks in Chicago,who kidnapped the autistic white boy are not any worse criminals than other blacks that have committed horrific racial crimes against whites.There have been rapes and murders gone unreported by MSM for years.
I hope that this story becomes an eye-opener to America and results in further exposure of the many hundreds of racial hate crimes against whites.
Part 2 of this is Trump and his remedy for this type of racist behavior--and black crime in general.
Trump wants an infrastructure era to begin in the United States.Lots of money appropriated for roads,airports etc.
Don't forget about prisons.Build prisons and create lots of jobs in the process.They can be federal or private prisons--but we need many more new prisons built and tougher laws to go with them.I'll pay extra tax dollars for more federal prisons.We need to clean up Chicago and other cities like it.Black criminals cannot continue to be released with 6 month jail sentences for felonies.Blacks with long rap sheets should not be thrown back into the general public.Build jails,hire guards and lock 'em up!!! (Just like Trump said about Hillary).
Unless you can keep out of trouble on a consistant basis...lock 'em up!
Do it Mr.Trump.A law and order president must punish the criminal--and not the public--by releasing the thugs to commit even worse crimes.
---GR Anonymous