Sunday, January 01, 2017

CNN: The Absolute, Unadultered Truth, Regarding the Hacking of the 2016 Election!

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Anonymous said...

NBC (Negro Broadcasting Company)showed,for the 55th time,the Rose Bowl parade today.I keep reminding myself what this site keeps saying--blacks are only 15% of the US population,as I view two of them(Al Roker and Hoda Kotb)hosting the proceedings.Really NBC?No whites talented enough?You're not even going to do a 50/50 split anymore?We have to listen to TWO negroes for two hours now,with no respite?
There's more.
Last night,a pizza commercial had 3 guys sitting on a couch--two black and one white.The white guy had no lines in the ad,as the two black guys did all the talking.The white guy was purely token.Can you believe that?I can't remember the company,but it was a national chain.
I'd love to know the mindset of NBC and the pizza chain,concerning WHY they're efforting to snuggle up to black viewers so heavily.The economics wouldn't indicate that blacks are the group you want to focus on for ratings in the Rose parade and TV commercials.Do blacks watch the parade in any numbers?I doubt it.
So why does it happen?It makes no sense whatsoever.
Toward the end of the broadcast,Roker and Kotb showed some old clips of the parade.Not a black(or mexican)
to be seen in the crowd.If I remember correctly,Bob Barker used to host.The good old days.
Has the population shifted that drastically,that no whites are used on shows like this anymore?
I'm sure the few blacks that watched were delighted.But the majority demographic group(whites) was excluded again.Happy new year.
--GR Anonymous