Tuesday, March 08, 2016

With 75% of Michigan Precincts Reporting, Sanders is Leading Hillary 50.6% to 47.6%, and by Over 20,000 Votes!

By Nicholas Stix

CNN people are saying that Hillary’s people had not believed the public polls that had her up 15% over Sanders in Michigan, and had sought to tamp down expectations.

Earlier tonight, Sanders was up six points over Clinton, then she cut the difference to one point. Now people at CNN are claiming both that Wayne County (Detroit) votes have been counted, and that there’s a big basket of votes waiting for her. No can do. Her big basket of black and dead Democrats was in Detroit.

Fifty-nine delegates are at stake in Michigan. Clinton came into today leading Sanders 1,160 to 503 delegates.

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Anonymous said...

Sanders just came out and spoke about tonights results.I could never vote for him for 2 reasons.
1)He thinks there are too many blacks and other minorities in jail/prison.
One question Bernie:Why?For working too many 40 hour weeks,paying their rent/mortgages on time,raising their kids in a morally correct way?Staying off the streets?Not using or selling drugs?Trying to keep their neighborhoods safe?Nahhhh.
2)He wants to raise taxes on the middle class to pay for his socialism.Either 1 or 2 on its own would be enough to eliminate him in my book.
Kids love him for free college.That s it.