Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Trump Wins Michigan; Reader Reports Illegal Mexicans Trying to Commit Voter Fraud, but being Turned Away in Grand Rapids

By Grand Rapids Anonymous (9:34 p.m.)

Tonight, thanks to my vote, Donald Trump carried Michigan easily. As of 9:21 p.m., all the major networks called Trump the winner with a 38-25% lead over John Kasich. One of the interesting things I saw today while I was in line signing in to vote, two Mexicans were told they could not vote because they were not on the registry. I’m sure they were anti-Trump of course. I’d never seen that before in all the years of voting—but the Mexicans we have around GR are not the brightest bulbs on the planet.

I felt great voting for Trump, even more so after all the vicious crap I saw today. Lester Holt on the Negro Nightly News tried to connect Trump’s pledge to a Nazi salute. Seriously? Hope Romney and Graham and the rest all learn a lesson about what the people want is something different from what we have now. A message was sent tonight to the establishment—and if they’re not listening, we'll just yell louder.

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