Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Time to Shut It Down, and Go to Plan B—San Bernardino Terrorists were “Male and of Middle Eastern Origin,” Motivation was the Koran

By Jerry PDX

[N.S.: I just saw the description of the mass murderers, after posting the following comment from reader-researcher Jerry PDX.]

No descriptions of suspects have been released. It's clear there are survivors that saw them, but I can find no public announcements describing what the public should be looking for. Why the hell not? The first few hours after a crime are the most crucial for capturing the perps and for public safety, but the media and police appear to be playing their usual games. Dare I say it's because the race of the perps may not fit the narrative of the lone white male the media is always desperately promoting? OK, I hate to say that, because if the shooters turn out to be white then I've got egg on my face, but it's happened before when the media/police are coy about descriptions, and even if that's not the case in this shooting, it will happen again.

I do predict that if the media can get away with obscuring or covering up the racial identity of a non-white shooter it will - just like it did with Chris Harper Mercer.


Anonymous said...

O'Reilly has a guest saying police are throwing around Faroud Saib as a possible name/suspect.Unofficial as always at times like this.With the masks they were wearing similar to executioner masks for beheadings,I knew they were nutjob Islamists immediately.

Anonymous said...

The official story has changed so fast that news sites haven't had time to scrub the previous official stories.

The Daily Mail now has the headline "San Bernadino gunman and his female accomplice dead in live TV shootout; Government holiday party guest 'left after argument, came back heavily armed and killed at least 14 in rampage."

Right underneath it is another story that directly contradicts it: "'Dad, shooting at my work, pray for us': The terror inside San Bernadino disability center laid bare in texts workers sent to loved ones as three masked gunmen stormed the building."

And of course, "Guns kill 14 more." Enabled by vicious white cis-males, guns jumped up and shot a bunch of people.

Anonymous said...

I just watched a press conference with a police spokesman, a reporter asked the spokesman if they had any information re the ethnicity of the shooters. He responded with: We don't have that information at this time.

Previous to that he had informed them that two shooters had been killed by police and described their military clothes and weapons, but wouldn't describe what they looked like. WTF??? If they have their bodies I think they have an idea of their ethnicity, now I understand if they are off middle east origin it might still be a little unclear but you know if they had blonde hair and blue eyes they would have no hesitation saying: THE PERPS WERE WHITE! Only non whites get this consideration, it's simple then, but with the over representation of non white shooters in the US they have to work out how to spin the stories in order to maintain the false narrative that mass shootings are a just a white man's thing.

Anonymous said...

11:07pm est:The media is really code wording who "these distinctive people"are--and what they look like.Saib Fahrouk continues to be the name.Also,as in Paris,a woman also involved in the mass terrorist murder.Lets have some more Fahrouks come in and turn this into an Israeli/PLO street war,where any area could be attacked or blown up on the whim of the terrorist group.Next will be more well known places like NYC.Pandoras box has been opened in this country---and there s no way to prepare/defend yourself from future random attacks.Casinos,churches,government affiliated buildings all would be probable targets in the warped minds of Islamist radicals.Indeed...what is next?

Chicago guy said...

Person goes on mass shooting spree with his wife? They just happen to have tactical type gear? I wonder how the media will decide to spin this story.

Anonymous said...

White Americans must give up our guns so ME terrorists and American and home grown terrorists and criminals can kill us. This according to the terrorist in chief Hussein Slambama.