Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Sinatra News: See TCM, Starting at 8 P.M. Tonight, for Sinatra, Sinatra, Sinatra!

By David in TN

Tonight, Wednesday December 9, TCM continues Frank Sinatra month with a special "Sinatra Sings" at 8 pm ET. A series Frank Sinatra's best films starting at 9 pm ET with From Here to Eternity run through Thursday afternoon.

Among the films are The Detective (1968), The First Deadly Sin (1980), Suddenly (1954), The Pride and The Passion, and Never So Few.

The First Deadly Sin, 4 am ET, was seen as a "comeback" vehicle at the time. Sinatra again played a NYPD detective, this time searching for an ax murder serial killer in upscale Manhattan. At one point Sinatra's character says the suspect must be "white and well dressed" because he didn't stand out. Turns out the killer was white. I'll bet you could have written a better screenplay.

Suddenly has Sinatra playing a presidential assassin. He supposedly had it withdrawn from TV viewing for over 20 years.

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