Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Jessica Chambers News (Well, Sort of): 17 White Supremacists Arrested in Mississippi!


According to alleged journalists Charles Johnson and John Cardillo, Panola County, the area in which Jessica Chambers lived and died, was a white supremacist criminal empire. Apparently, white supremacist gangs these days go by names like “Black Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, and Sipp Mob.”

These are today's newest mug shots of six of the “white supremacists” that Charles Johnson and John Cardillo were warning the public about (Photo: MDOC, Panola County Sheriff's Office)

[See my VDARE report:

“Was Jessica Chambers a Hate Crime Victim?”]

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As local and federal lawmen in and around Panola County, MS started digging, in order to solve the horrific, December 6, 2014 murder of white, 19-year-old, Jessica Chambers, who was burned alive in her car, with every part of her body, except the soles of her feet, being burned, they have looked under all sort of rocks. During Operation Bite Back, they have found a lot of snakes underneath, all of them black, but so far as they know, none of those snakes murdered Jessica Chambers.

There’s an excellent video of Clarion-Ledger reporter Therese Apel discussing the case, and naming the 17 suspects just arrested and their respective charges, but Clarion-Ledger is a Gannett paper, and so we are confronted with the Gannett Problem.

Gannett sets its news videos to show commercials, misleading viewers by saying, “Your content will be available in 0.” Except that the content will not be available until … whenever. The commercial will run for about 15 seconds, and then the page will switch to the main page of USA Today, the Clarion-Ledger, or whichever Gannett property you may be visiting. You will have to hit your back button to get back to the story you wanted to hear and read. You will then be treated to a buffering session, and be again lied to, “Your content will be available in 0.” After watching the same or another 15-second commercial, you may—or may not—get to see the Therese Apel video you’ve been waiting for. Under Gannett, the Web is now worse than TV. And the Gannett video has no controls. All you can do is hit your own sound control for the commercials.

But turning off your pc’s sound kills anything else you want to listen to. So, you have to quickly get any Gannett Web pages off your pc, if you want to use it normally.

I feel bad for Clarion-Ledger reporter Therese Apel, because she’s been working her heart out on this story, and nobody appreciates good, dogged reporting more than I do, because I know how hard it is. However, due to Gannett’s shenanigans, too few people are going to see her video report. I had to dig up a video from WREG. (Update: I had to pull that WREG video, because it just kept going, repeating the ad, and continuing to other stories. Sorry.)

Note that earlier this year, alleged journalists Charles Johnson and John Cardillo were asserting that the area in which Jessica Chambers lived and died was a white supremacist criminal empire. And yet—surprise, surprise—the authorities investigating Jessica Chambers’ murder found only black gangs. Do the newest developments absolve Charles Johnson and John Cardillo of the charge of being journalists? I’ll leave that to my readers to decide.

Case of burned-alive teen results in 17 arrests
By Therese Apel
December 15, 2015,6:04 p.m. EST
USA Today Network/The (Jackson, Miss.) Clarion-Ledger

JACKSON, Miss. — An investigation into the death of a teenager burned alive last year has resulted in the arrests of 17 men — but none has been charged with killing Jessica Chambers, the FBI said Tuesday.

Chambers was doused with gasoline and set afire a little after 8 p.m. CT Dec. 6, 2014, near Courtland, Miss., about 150 miles north of Jackson. She got out of her car, was found on the road with burns over most of her body and died hours later at a Memphis hospital.

Since the killing, authorities interviewed more than 150 people and sorted through more than 20,000 phone records trying to find her assailant, Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby said. That's when investigators turned up evidence of other suspected illegal activity ranging from narcotics sales, possession of stolen firearms and possession of counterfeit currency.

FBI agents targeted suspected members of the Black Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, and Sipp Mob street gangs and began arrests at around 4 a.m. CT in Oxford, Miss. The men arrested ranged in age from 18 to 40 and have been indicted on for federal and state crimes.

"It's taken eight or nine months if not a little longer to get to this point," District Attorney John Champion said. "And this is not over by any stretch of the imagination."

Darby has alluded to the fact that the Chambers case would lead to other major case breaks.

"This is some part of it. It's the state, feds and us working on this stuff," Darby said. "We've told them and told them that this was coming. We're not playing with them anymore."

A team of investigators from the Panola County Sheriff's Department, Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, and the U.S. Attorney's Office still are digging into Chambers' death. A lack of street chatter has made the case a tough one to crack, authorities have said, causing much of the investigation to hinge on data collection.

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Anonymous said...

That number of persons arrested with be used as a defense. "They are on a fishing expedition they cannot pin point exactly who did the crime!"

Anonymous said...

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