Tuesday, December 15, 2015

AARP’s Racist Lies About the Demographics of American Retirees

By Nicholas Stix

The saving grace to the photo above is that the retired white lady is stunning at any age. The white man also looks good, like America used to look. The black woman in front does not look American at all. She looks like a recent immigrant, though I can’t say from where.

The photo makes it appear as if non-whites built America, and produced her wealth, which is the opposite of the truth.

I commented at Twit: @AARP So, you're saying that only 2 in 5 retired people in America are white? You know that's a racist lie! It's double that!


Anonymous said...

Jerry pdx
I sent a previous message about his race hoax in Portland Oregon. An African emigrant named Tanguy Muvuna claimed he had been assaulted by 3 white men at Lewis & Clark college, a law University in SW Portland, an upper middle class and above area with very few black people. The alleged racist assault has been getting blanket local media attention and there has finally been some follow up by police. They've announced the investigation has been suspended. The "victim" has stopped cooperating with police. The reason for this is obvious. It's a phony story, it was obviously false from the beginning. Follow the link in the article for more information about what he claimed happened.
Liberals have been marching, protesting and staging sit in's in protest over the "incident" since the beginning, they believe every phony hoax crime regardless of evidence. The incident hasn't been declared a hoax, but without direct evidence the police won't even suggest that because they have to be oh so sensitive toward our diverse "guests".
Note in the comment field of the article I sent, a trolling hoax supporter is claiming the "victim" stopped cooperating because police can't be trusted to investigate the crime. Fortunately most commenters are calling him out on his stupidity.
Nothing will ever really be resolved, the police won't declare it's phony and the "victim" will claim he's a victim of police as well as "whitey's violence". The hoax supporters will continue to believe him and accuse anyone who disagrees of being racist. Rational people know better though.

Check out this article that describes some of the behavior of the hoax supporters, it's actually sickening. As usual the comments have the only substance:

Anonymous said...

The truth is that whites retire between the ages of 55 to 75.Blacks retire after they drop out of high school.Most never work and sit on their porches all day,get the welfare and laugh at the white man for working.The few that DO work are a complete clusterfu*k and contribute little to a workplace.So AARP follows the media trend of reducing the importance of white people in their photo.I wonder what reply you ll get on their Twitter page--if any.