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Hear Frank Sinatra Sing Teddy Randazzo’s “All the Way Home”

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At 67, Sinatra’s voice was clearly way past its prime, and Teddy Randazzo is no Irving Berlin, yet ‘Ol Blue Eyes gives a moving rendition of this song, supported by a marvelous arrangement and orchestra. And is that Al Viola accompanying the man on guitar?

Actually, it looks like it was Tony Mottola, who accompanied Sinatra on “It’s Sunday” during the same January, 1983 recording session, and who had been accompanying Mr. S. in concerts ruing that period, according to BobF at Steve Hoffman’s site.

Well, Mottola or Viola, it’s beautiful guitar work, and is a major factor in the making this record as lovely as it is.

Album: The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings (A)

All the Way Home
Words & Music by Teddy Randazzo

Bluebirds, flowers,
Sunshine and showers,
Sunsets and rainbows,
On skies of red and blue.

Badges, whistles,
Rockets and missiles,
Puppies, kittens,
And penny candy, too.

You make me feel so new,
Like carnivals and carousels,
Popsicles and wishing wells,
And I am so in love with you,
I can't believe it's true,
We're gonna make it all the way home.

Magic potions,
Incense and lotions,
Bells, books and candles,
Can make a witches' brew.

But I don't need witches,
Love spells or riches,
You are my treasure,
My fairy tale come true.

With you is where I'll stay,
All the time, anywhere,
Turn around, and I'll be there,
It was I, now it's we,
And I know it will be,
You and me, all the way home,
Me and you, all the way home.

Contributed by Amy Cooper


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Written by Teddy Randazzo, Sung by Frank Sinatra at age 67, Recorded January 25, 1983.

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