Saturday, December 05, 2015

Black Robber-Murderer Uses “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot Defense!” ‘I was Acting in Self-Defense, because the White People I was Robbing and Slaughtering were Using Excessive Force’!

These are white war crime victims, Mr. and Mrs. Jon and Becky Bieker. Four blacks murdered Jon Bieker and assaulted Mrs. Bieker during a January 9, 2015 robbery of their Shawnee, Kansas gun shop, “She’s a Pistol.” The KSHB story reprinted below failed to list the date and place of the crime, or provide any photographs of the victims.

By Nicholas Stix

I thank my partner-in-crime David in TN, for this story.

This reminds me of the black cop-killer whose family claims he only killed a white cop “in self-defense.”

This is the current, black definition of “self-defense”: If a white person tries to defend himself against a black killer, or a white cop tries to arrest a black criminal, the black has a right to kill the white, in “self-defense.” However, no white ever has the same right. Like I always say, as far as blacks are concerned, they have a license to kill whites, while whites have a duty to die at their hands.

One of the She's A Pistol murder defendants claims self-defense
By Andres Gutierrez, Ariel Rothfield
5:19 AM, Dec 4, 2015
5:46 PM, Dec 4, 2015

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. - One of the suspects charged in the shooting death of She's A Pistol owner Jon Bieker is asking for immunity.

De'Anthony Wiley claims he shot Bieker in self-defense.

Wiley's two attorneys filed a motion for immunity Thursday against the felony murder charge their client faces. In it is the explanation of self-defense laws in Kansas and it lays out why Wiley should be immune.

According to the court document, Wiley claims Bieker continued to shoot at him and the other suspects despite telling Bieker he surrendered.

Wiley said he was shot in the spine and paralyzed, leaving him unable to escape. The attorneys wrote their client had no choice but use force in self-defense.

They also said that the force that Bieker and his wife, Becky Bieker, used was excessive to protect their store.

"De'Anthony surrendered his life, he gave up the first time," said Cedrick Gipson, Wiley's uncle, outside the courthouse Friday. "He told them, 'I give up,' and then you continue to shoot a man, you're shooting to kill. After he gave up the first time they should have left it at that."

In August, Wiley was set to plead guilty.

Wiley's next court appearance is scheduled for January 27.

"We believe the evidence will show that these men entered our business to commit a crime," said Becky Beiker, Jon's widow who was inside of the store at the time of the shooting. "They came into rob our store. They had a plan, they had guns and they were prepared to carry out that plan.”
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DeAnthony Wiley’s lawyers got him some phony eyeglasses, to make him look like a rocket scientist. Outfitting a client with the scholar-look is a typical defense lawyer tactic, when defending an evil, racist, black murderer with an IQ in the 70s.

Four defendants in She's a Pistol murder: Hakeem Malik (top l), Nicquan Midgyett (top r), Londro Patterson (bottom l) and DeAnthony Wiley (bottom right)


David In TN said...

A defense I've seen before in these (black on white) murders is the victim resisted causing the murderer to kill him or her.

I don't know if you've heard of it, but the Sarai Ribicoff murder in Venice, California was an example. Miss Ribicoff, niece of the Connecticut Senator, was robbed at gunpoint outside an upscale restaurant in November 1980.

She handed over her wallet but resisted when one Frederick Thomas grabbed for a (family heirloom) necklace Sarai Ribicoff was wearing. Thomas shot her. Miss Ribicoff died gasping for breath.

At trial, Thomas' attorney argued it was Sarai Ribicoff's fault his client shot her. Had she not resisted, it "wouldn't have happened."

Thomas was found guilty, but was spared the death penalty. As I recall, a couple of black jurors held out against it because the victim's resistance caused her death.

By the way, Sarai Ribicoff was a big liberal and it caused a temporary change of heart by some of her colleagues in Los Angeles.

There was a lengthy article on the subject in Rolling Stone at the time by Randall Sullivan.

Another example was the Gina Stallis murder in St. Louis a few years ago. The victims resisted "causing the gun to go off."

Anonymous said...

What a group of thug losers in that mugshot.

Anonymous said...

HORROR! Two Men Doused With Gas- Set on Fire in Baltimore (SHOCKING VIDEO)

So this just happened. Will Obama mention this in his next press conference?

Two men were doused with gasoline and set on fire in Baltimore. The suspect is black. The media says one car ran out of gas so the four men parked the second car and walked to get gas. — That doesn’t make sense.

Anonymous said...

Police: Black Indy man stabs, kills sleeping 6-year-old white boy to death during Kentucky home burglary...... MSM Ignores

According to court documents, the intruder, later identified as Ronald Exantus, 32, wandered around the home before walking up the stairs and stabbing a sleeping 6-year-old boy several times in the head “with a large kitchen knife that he obtained in the house.”

Court documents show that Logan’s 11-year-old sister woke up, saw Exantus in the bedroom, and started screaming and trying to fight him.

Their father rushed to the bedroom and detained Exantus until police arrived.

The police report says Exantus confessed to stabbing the boy during an interview with detectives.

Anonymous said...

gofundme account established for 6-year-old stabbing victim

Emergency Expenses Tipton Family

Anonymous said...

Robber fatally stabs 6-year-old Kentucky boy with kitchen knife during early morning break-in: police